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Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas

Find out how to recycle your real Christmas tree after the holiday season ends. Real Christmas trees are a renewable and recyclable resource. Choosing to recycle your Christmas tree can become a new holiday tradition — not only are you being eco-conscious, but you can also reuse the tree chips as mulch to benefit your garden or landscape or even donate it to a tree recycler.

Ways to Recycle Your Tree

Recycle your tree.
  • If you buy a potted tree, you can transplant it after the holiday season to add to your home's curb appeal.
  • You can also place a cut tree in your backyard to provide winter shelter for birds and other wildlife; just make sure it's carefully secured using a tree stand.
  • Chop up your Christmas tree to use as firewood next season. To prevent rot, pile it on a raised rack and cover it with a tarp if outdoors.
  • Use a chipper to get a supply of mulch you can use around your landscape or add the chips to your compost pile.
  • Add branches to floral arrangements, including flower pots, wreaths and garlands, or consider using needles for pine-scented potpourri.
  • Cut branches and boughs to put on the ground to help control soil erosion.
  • If you don't have a recycling use for your tree, consider donating it so it can be turned into mulch, compost or fireplace logs, which are often offered free in the community.
  • For information on Christmas Tree recycling programs in your area contact your regional municipality.

3 Ways to Be More Green This Holiday Season

Try some of these eco-friendly tips below:

  • Upcycle used gift cards and make them into name tags for new gifts. Reuse old magazines, newspapers and calendars as gift wrap.
  • When entertaining, avoid using disposable plates and napkins. Instead, recruit some family or friends to help wash and dry dishes.
  • Consider using natural pinecones, leaves, branches and evergreen boughs to decorate your holiday table.

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