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How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Installing outdoor LED Christmas lights is a great way to give your home some extra holiday spirit while saving on your energy bill. For this project, we'll show you how to easily hang Christmas lights outside without nails or staples by opting for plastic Christmas light clips that secure onto gutters in no time. Whether you opt for icicle lights or other festive light types, make your house the pride of the neighbourhood this Christmas. 

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Test the Outdoor Christmas Lights

    Person testing christmas lights in box

    First, test the Christmas lights by plugging them in before hanging them to make sure all the bulbs work, and replace any that are blown. Plug the first light strand into an extension cord to make sure it can reach the light source. When choosing the best outdoor Christmas lights for you, remember that LED Christmas lights rated for outdoor use are an energy-efficient option that will cut down on electricity costs during the holiday season and they're available in warm and cool tones.

  2. Step 2 Use Ladders Safely

    Person on ladder against a house

    If using a ladder, make sure someone holds the base for added support and stability. If possible, it's best to attach Christmas light clips to the string of lights before hanging on eavestroughs. To prevent accidents, never put ladders on snow, ice or slippery surfaces.

  3. Step 3 Plan Where to Place your Christmas Lights

    Person hanging Christmas lights

    Plan where you'd like to display your lights before measuring the rooflines of your house. Don't forget to measure the distance to your power source as well and add up the total length to confirm how many feet of Christmas lights you require.

  4. Step 4 Clamp Christmas Light Clips Along Gutters

    Person clamping wire to gutter

    Insert the Christmas light clips into the gutter at even intervals. Remember, universal clips work with C7 and C9 bulbs. If you're also adding lights to columns, windows or railings, adhesive clips or plastic zip ties are a good option that can easily be removed after the season ends.

  5. Step 5 Follow UL Standards for Connecting Light Strings

    Person connection string lights

    Pay attention to connection limits for Christmas light strands. Connecting more than the recommended amount of outdoor string light strands together can create a fire hazard. The number of light strings you can safely connect changes depending on the maximum recommended by the Underwriter's Laboratory. In the case of the LED icicle lights shown, you can connect up to 18 strands together. That number would be less for incandescent light types which use more wattage. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around connected plugs for added protection from the elements.

  6. Step 6 Install a Smart Plug for your Christmas Lights

    Person plugging lights into outlet

    For added energy savings, try connecting your outdoor lights to a smart plug to control them from an app on your phone.    

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