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Insulating a Crawlspace

Insulating a Crawlspace

Insulating your crawl space is vital to maintaining energy efficiency and comfort in your home. The insulation system in your home operates effectively when combined with crawlspace insulation. Outside air infiltration is reduced, ensuring air quality and energy efficiency for your heating and cooling equipment. Be sure to cut pieces, draping from the mudsill, down the wall and onto the floor, tacking into place to secure.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Cut Insulation

    Cut insulation to fit between the joists above the foundation walls. Pack the insulation just tightly enough to prevent it from falling out.

  2. Step 2 Install Fibreglass Insulation

    Install Fibreglass Insulation

    Install fibreglass insulation between floor joists over crawlspaces or unheated basements. Make sure the vapour barrier faces up, and install insulation stays (shown here) or chicken wire to hold the insulation in place.

  3. Step 3 Cut Insulation to Drape Mudsill

    Cut Insulation to Drape Mudsill

    Cut pieces of insulation long enough to drape from the mudsill, down the wall, and a couple of feet onto the floor. Hold in place by putting a 1x3 over it and tacking both to the mudsill, driving the nails enough to anchor the insulation while compressing it only slightly. Lay a 6-mil vapour barrier on the dirt floor, anchoring it with a few bricks.

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