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Seal Windows with Foam Insulation

Sealing windows and doors with insulating foam sealant will form a long-lasting weathertight seal that can help eliminate drafts in the colder months. The foam also repels water and prevents hot or cold air from escaping, which can minimize energy costs all year round. 

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. 1 Shake Can of Foam Sealant

    Shake Can of Foam Sealant

    Always remember to shake the can of sealant for a full 60 seconds. This activates the foam and prepares it for spraying.

  2. 2 Insert Smart Dispenser

    Insert Smart Dispenser

    By attaching a smart dispenser to the foam sealant, you’ll have greater control when it comes to filling gaps. It’s easy to use and helps to prevent messy drips. Remember, the sealant is reusable for up to 30 days after a can is opened.

  3. 3 Insert Foam Sealent into Rough Openings

    Insert Foam Sealent into Rough Openings

    Wear gloves before using the sealant and test the dispenser flow by pressing the trigger over a garbage can. You will need to remove the existing window or door trim if necessary. Slowly spay to insert the polyurethance foam around the window or door cracks and fill to about 50% of the gap in order to allow the sealant to rise and activate. Wipe any excess sealant with a microfibre cloth.

  4. 4 Press Foam into Gap

    Press Foam into Gap

    Once the foam has risen, press it into the gaps with a paint scraper to get a more even, precise and airtight seal. Insulating foam can also repel water and critters for added protection. 

  5. 5 Allow to Insulating Foam to Cure

    Allow to Insulating Foam to Cure

    Foam sealants bond to surfaces in a matter of minutes, but take around 8 hours to fully cure. Curing times may be faster in humid conditions. Since the foam expands through the curing process, it can also be sanded or trimmed once it has cured completely.

  6. 6 Re-attach Window or Door Trim

    Re-attach Window or Door Trim

    Cut back any excess foam once the insulating sealant has cured and wait until the next day to re-attach the window trim.

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