DIY Copper & Concrete Lamp

  1. Step 1 Gather Your Materials

    Gather Your Materials

    Everything can be found at your local Home Depot. Your copper fittings can be cut by an associate at the store, just ask! We used a 2-foot piece of copper, a 1-foot piece of copper, a 6-inch piece of copper, and three 90-degree elbows, but you can use any size that works for you.

  2. Step 2 Cut Builder’s Tube & Cardboard Box

    Cut Builder’s Tube & Cardboard Box

    Cut your builder’s tube using a saw to about 6 inches high. Then, place the tube upright on the box and trace around it with a pencil, leaving a circular template on the box. Cut the circle out of the box, and duct tape the cutout to the bottom of the tube.

  3. Step 3 Drill Hole Into the Mold

    Drill Hole Into the Mold

    Drill a hole into the builder’s tube with a drill bit that is slightly larger than your copper pipe. We used a 1” drill bit for a ¾” pipe. 

  4. Step 4 Prep Your Copper Pipe

    Prep Your Copper Pipe

    Sand your copper to remove any imperfections. Add a 90-degree elbow fitting to the bottom of your longest piece and add a 6-inch piece of copper pipe to the other end of the elbow. You will now have an “L-Shape” piece of copper.

  5. Step 5 Add the Copper Pipe to the Mold

    Add the Copper Pipe to the Mold

    Fit the shorter end of your “L-Shape” copper piece through the drilled hole into your builder’s tube. Use caulking to seal any gaps between the tube and the copper pipe. Using painter’s tape, create a cross to stabilize the pipe from moving around.

  6. Step 6 Mix the Concrete

    Mix the Concrete

    Wearing a pair of protective gloves and mask, mix your concrete according to package directions in one of our Home Depot buckets. Then, pour it into your cardboard mould. Use a paint stick to ensure the concrete gets into any gaps. Finally, tap the sides of the builder’s tube to get out any air bubbles.

  7. Step 7 Let the Concrete Cure & Trim the Pipe

    Let the Concrete Cure & Trim the Pipe

    Let the concrete set as per the instructions on the bag. We recommend waiting approximately 48 hours to ensure the concrete is fully cured. Then, sand the concrete for imperfections. Using a pipe cutter, trim the copper pipe to your desired size. 

  8. Step 8 Open the Lighting Kit

    Open the Lighting Kit

    You will not need all the components of the lighting kit. You will need the socket, and the 15’ plug. The chain and hooks are not necessary for this project.

  9. Step 9 Feed Cord Through Copper Pipe

    Feed Cord Through Copper Pipe

    Feed the cord through the short piece of pipe that sticks out from the concrete, up all the way through the copper until it comes out the end at the top. 

  10. Step 10 Assemble the Light Socket

    Assemble the Light Socket

    Disassemble the socket as per the instructions in the kit. You can cut the cord if it is too long for your needs.  Separate the two wires, and wrap one around the gold screw, and one around the silver screw, making sure they do not touch. The screws are located on the middle piece of the socket. Then, tighten the screws so that the wires are secure. Re-assemble the socket.

  11. Step 11 Add the Light Bulb

    Add the Light Bulb

    Add light bulb to the fixture and plug in!

What You Need for This Project

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