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Home Office Lighting Ideas

Your office is a place to work, read, relax and more, so lighting it appropriately is key. Too much light and you can strain your eyes, too little light and you may have a harder time completing tasks. We’ll show you how to properly light your office to make it work for you.

Start by Accessing Natural Light

Finding the right window coverings for your space is an important part in harnessing the natural outside light and making it work with your interior lighting. Cellular shades can provide customized levels of light while roller shades add a touch of style. You can even use faux wood shades as another option.

Minimize Glare and Contrast with Multiple Light Sources

Adding multiple light sources to your space can help minimize the shadows and dim sports that singular lighting may cause. Consider lighting your room from multiple angles to make sure that it’s evenly lit throughout.

Use Desk Lamps for Key Spots

If you need to light specific reading area, or a place to work on your desk, consider using a desk lamp. It offers focused light that fixes on your desired area, keeping the rest of the area around you dim if needed.

Add a Layer of Warm Light with Lamps

To add a warmer illumination to your office space, use lamps with a warm-tone light bulb. Warm tones are generally more yellow in hue and provide a calming, tranquil effect to your space.

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