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DIY Cinder Block Planter Bench

  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Various project materials

    All of the materials used in this project are available at your local Home Depot. Need a truck to help you move your items? We’ve got you covered for that too with our vehicle rentals!

  2. Step 2 Cut & Stain 4x4s

    Person staining a piece of wood

    Cut your 4x4 posts to the size you need. We cut two 10ft pieces in half. Then, stain your wood with the stain of your choice.

    Don’t forget you can get your wood cut at your local Home Depot! Just ask an associate for help.

  3. Step 3 Paint The Cinder Blocks

    Person painting cinder blocks

    Paint your cinder blocks with exterior paint! Or, you can choose to keep them in their original form.

  4. Step 4 Configure Your Bench & Secure

    Person configuring and securing wood to cinder block

    There are many ways to configure your cinder block bench. We used eight blocks on one side, and fourteen blocks on the other.

    We recommend going no higher than four blocks tall to ensure safety.

    Once you’ve decided on your configuration, use construction adhesive to secure your blocks and wood into place.

  5. Step 5 Add Metal Mesh

    Metal mesh inside cinder block

    Using metal mesh in your cinder blocks helps to ensure your soil stays in place.

  6. Step 6 Add Landscaping Fabric

    Person cutting landscape fabric inside cinder block

    Add landscaping fabric to keep your plants safe from the metal mesh and the cinder blocks.

  7. Step 7 Add Your Plants!

    Person adding plants to cinder blocks

    Or, keep it bare and enjoy your bench without planters.

  8. Step 8 Accessorize!

    Accessorized cinder block planter bench

    The final step is to decorate your space! We used a variety of outdoor décor available at The Home Depot.