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DIY Succulent Heart Planter

DIY Succulent Heart Planter.

A beautiful heart-shaped succulent planter makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or a great looking decoration for your door or fence. We’ll show you how to make one using products from our garden center and other items from your local Home Depot store. If you’re interested in creating one of these and would like some guidance, check out one of our DIY workshops or contact your local store for details.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. 1 Create Planter Frame

    Create Planter Frame.

    Start with some utility wire, or a wire hanger if you don’t have any. Bend it into a circle about the size of the planter, then use some heavy-duty wire cutters or shears to cut it. Overlap the ends and bind them together with some heavy garden wire to form a circle. Then, simply indent the top curve to form the shape of a heart.

  2. 2 Create Wire Heart

    Create Wire Heart.

    Fold PVC-coated wire mesh netting over your heart frame, and trim the overhang with wire cutters, folding the remaining mesh over your wire frame to secure it. Always wear protective gloves to help keep your hands safe, as the wire can be sharp. Be sure to leave the bottom of the heart shape open so you can place the moss inside.

  3. 3 Add Moss and Soil

    Add Moss and Soil.

    Visit your local Home Depot garden center to find the proper moss for this step. Place your moss about an inch thick over the entire back inside surface and sides of the mesh heart. Once you’ve got your moss in place, add two to three inches of succulent soil over the moss, then cover that with more of the moss on the other side to encase the soil. Once you’ve got your soil covered, close up the bottom of the wire heart to keep everything in place.

  4. 4 Plant Succulents

    Plant Succulents.

    Remove the soil from the roots of your succulent and place it into the moss through one of the holes in the mesh netting. Tuck the roots into the hole or cut the netting if it’s too small to let the succulent pass through. Once you’ve placed your succulent, bend the wire back carefully into place to secure it. Add more succulents until you’ve got your desired look.

  5. 5 Add Hanging Wire

    Add Hanging Wire.

    Use some heavy gauge garden wire, wrap it around the heart frame and loop it so you can hang it. Ensure that you wrap it around the heavy frame wire and not the mesh, as the mesh is less durable and can come apart. Congratulations, you’ve just made your own DIY heart-shaped succulent planter!

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