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DIY Vertical Garden

Building your very own DIY vertical garden is an easy way to a feature wall full of greenery in your yard. With ample space for plants, veggies and more, you can easily build your vertical garden with some lumber, wood screws and a few tools. We’ll show you how in this handy guide.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. 1 Cut Frame and Brace Boards

    A circular saw cuts a piece of lumber.

    First, cut three 2x8-inch boards to 6 foot 10 inches long to create the sides and middle brace. Make sure to seal your cut ends with a quality sealer.

  2. 2 Assemble Frame

    A person drives wood screws into the frame.

    Next assemble your frame by using driving three wood screws into each corner of the box. Make sure your side boards are sitting on the inside of your end pieces. Make sure your frame is square by measuring from corner to opposite corner, if your measurements are the same on both sides, it is square. Brace the corners with gussets to help keep them square if needed, then, add your middle support beam.

  3. 3 Build Planter Boxes

    A person uses clamps to secure his box before drilling.

    Use window boxes for added stability. Cut your front, back and side pieces to your preferred size and build a small box similar to the large one you built in step 1.  Add a bottom and leave an open area for drainage. Then, build 3 more.

  4. 4 Attach Planter Boxes to the Frame

    Planter boxes are attached to the frame using wood screws.

    Attach backer boards to the large frame for your planter boxes to drill into. Then layout your planters how you like and attach them to the backing boards with wood screws.

  5. 5 Install the Back of the Vertical Garden

    A person attaches the back of the vertical garden using a drill and wood screws.

    You can attach boards flat like a deck to the back for a flush, traditional look, or weave them through the backing boards for a more artisan, natural look. Use 2x2-inch spacers for skinning.

  6. 6 Add Plants to your Vertical Garden

    A beautiful vertical garden with flowers in the sunshine.

    Now that your garden is complete, you can add soil and flowers or vegetables to complete your project! Consider the direction of your wall If your plants require specific sunlight placement. Congratulations, you’ve built a beautiful DIY vertical garden!

What You Need for This Project

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