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How to Build a Chalkboard Planter Box

  1. Step 1 Cut Boards

    Cut Boards

    Cut the long edges of a 1' x 8' cedar board at a 10˚ angle to make the side pieces. Angled edges need to be parallel to each other.

  2. Step 2 Cut Side Pieces

    Using a mitre saw, cut the side pieces to length. Our box is 24" long.

  3. Step 3 Make the End Pieces

    Make the End Pieces

    Make the end pieces. Rip the end pieces at 7" or equal to the height of the sides. Mitre the end pieces with a 10˚angle. Flip the board over and cut another 10˚ angle. The top width of this piece will determine the width of your planter. We went with 8".

  4. Step 4 Cut Bottom Piece

    Rip the board for the bottom from a piece of 1' x 8' cedar at a 10˚ angle along the long edges to match the bottom edge of the end pieces.

  5. Step 5 Create Cap

    Make the cap piece by ripping a 1-3/4" strip from the 1' x 8' cedar. Break the edges with sandpaper.

  6. Step 6 Create Frame Pieces

    Create Frame Pieces

    Make the frame pieces. The top and bottom edges of the frame pieces will have a 10˚ angle.

    First, from 1' x 8' cedar, rip 2 pieces at 1-1/2" wide; then raise the blade a little higher than 1-1/2" and rip the thickness from 3/4" to 1/2" on both pieces.

    Next, rip a 10˚ angle on one long edge of 1 of the 1-1/2" x 1/2" wide strips.

  7. Step 7 Sand, Prime and Apply Chalkboard Paint

    Sand, Prime and Apply Chalkboard Paint

    Sand outer sides of box. Use the smoothest side of the board as you will be painting it.

    Prime the box, following directions on the can.

    Paint the outer sides of the planter with chalkboard paint - use 2 coats.

  8. Step 8 Assembly


    Assemble planter box using deck screws. Countersink and pre-drill all holes. Screw through the sides into the ends and bottom.

  9. Step 9 Make Frame

    Make Frame

    From the angled framing strip, measure and cut the top and bottom pieces. Brad nail flush with the top and bottom of the front.

    Measure and cut the side pieces of the frame and brad nail flush with the ends of the box.

    Pin-nail the frame in place around the chalk board painted areas.

    Repeat for the back.

  10. Step 10 Finish Cap

    Finish Cap

    Mitre the corners of the cap to fit around the top edge of the planter. Fasten with pin-nails as you go.

    Fit the top so that you have a 1/2" overhang around the outer edge.

  11. Step 11 Protect Wood

    To protect the planter, finish the wood with an exterior wood stain.

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