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How to Make a Flower Tower

  1. Step 1 Create the Wire Tower

    Create the Wire Tower

    Create a cylinder with the wire fencing. You'll place this inside your flower pot. You can use the outside of a slightly smaller container as a guide to help make the cylinder round as you create it.

    Allow an overlap of one fencing section to make the seam stable. Cut the fencing to the desired diameter using the aviation snips. Wear gloves when handling the fence to avoid injury from the sharp edges. You may also want to have a helper at this step to control the wire fencing as you make the cuts.

  2. Step 2 Cable Tie the Wire Tower

    Cable Tie the Wire Tower

    Overlap one rectangle of the wire fencing and snugly cable tie the two sides of the cylinder together. Continue tying the rest of the tower together across the joints in the fence. Use enough ties to keep the wire rigid and stable once it is filled.

    Cut the excessive long ends of the cable ties to leave about a 1/4 inch. With your wire tower frame built, check to make sure it fits into the selected container. The tower should fit about a half to three-quarters of the way into the container to increase stability once filled. If you need to cut down the height, simply use the snips.

  3. Step 3 Cover the Tower in Fabric

    Cover the Tower in Fabric

    Wrap the landscape fabric around the outside of the tower to measure how much you will need.

    Cut the fabric to size using a pair of scissors. Let the fabric overlap an inch or two so soil cannot spill out through the seam. Then roll the fabric and slide it inside the tower. Smooth the fabric along the inside of the tower. Cut the excess fabric from the top of the tower, leaving 2 inches of fabric extending beyond the top of the tower. This will help secure the fabric to the tower.

  4. Step 4 Secure the Fabric to the Tower

    Secure the Fabric to the Tower

    Fold the 2-inch flap of fabric over the top of the tower and use your utility knife to cut small slits in the fabric just under the metal rim. Cut through both layers of the fabric.

    Cut one slit in every third rectangle of the fencing, and then insert the cable ties through the slits you just cut, and tie down the top of the fabric.

    Cut the long ends to a 1/4 inch, just like you did the previous cable ties.

  5. Step 5 Fill the Tower With Soil

    Fill the Tower With Soil

    Fill the tower up about one-third with soil, and then add water to settle the soil. Fill to two-thirds full with soil, and add more water. Fill to about one inch from the top of the tower with soil and add water. Lightly press the soil into the tower once it is full to prevent sinking of the soil.

  6. Step 6 Fill the Container With Soil

    Fill the Container With Soil

    Use your garden spade to fill soil around the outside of the tower.

  7. Step 7 Cut Slits

    Cut Slits

    Cut a vertical slit and a horizontal slit into one of the top-level rectangles in the tower. You will end up with a “+” shaped hole cut in the side of the tower. These holes are where you will plant the flowers.

    Cut one hole in every other rectangle and stagger them as you work your way down the tower. Leave the bottom row just above the soil line free of holes. This will allow the plants to cascade over the edge of the container.

  8. Step 8 Add the Flowers

    Add the Flowers

    Now it's time to add your flowers. Use your finger to create a void behind the opening to press the plant into. Gently press the plant or seedling into the opening. It should fit snugly, but you shouldn't have to force it. Once the plant is inserted in the tower, make sure the flaps of fabric close around the stem of the flower. This will help hold soil in the tower when watering it.

  9. Step 9 Plant Top of Tower With Plants

    Plant Top of Tower With Plants

    Plant the top of the tower with a few plants to finish it off.

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