How to Plan & Start a Garden from Scratch

How to Plan & Start a Garden from Scratch

Planning, planting and growing your in-ground garden is a great way to get outdoors this season and enjoy the warmer weather. Add some green to your backyard by growing all kinds of gorgeous annuals and perennials, beautifying your yard and adding bright and vibrant colours to your outdoor space.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Prep Your Soil

    Prep Your Soil

    Enrich your garden by mixing Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil 50/50 with your existing garden soil. The quality of the plants growth depends on the soil composition. Improving the soil quality helps plants grow to be strong and healthy.

  2. Step 2 Plan Your New Garden

    Plan Your New Garden

    Arrange tall plants towards the back, medium height plants in the middle, and low and/or spreading plants near the front. Consult plant tags for proper spacing. Talk to your Home Depot Garden Centre Professional for available plant selections. Plants are arranged this way so they can get the sunlight and exposure they need as well as providing you with a mix of colours and height.

  3. Step 3 Plant Your Seedlings

    Plant Your Seedlings

    Dig a hole in the soil that’s twice the size of the root ball. Remove seedling from its pot and gently break apart the soil and root ball, then place the seedling in the hole. Be sure to cover the soil around the stem to the height it was in the pot. Pack soil down gently around the plant base.

  4. Step 4 Water Right Away

    Water Right Away

    To reduce the risk of transplant shock and promote strong roots, mix Miracle-Gro® Quick Start® with water and give your plant a thorough watering. This will help the plant absorb nutrients and ensure that your garden is off to a strong start.

  5. Step 5 Feed Your Plants

    Feed Your Plants

    Shake on Miracle-Gro® Shake ’n Feed® Ultra Bloom® Continuous Release Plant Food to established perennials and newly planted annuals to grow big, beautiful flowers. Feeding your plants is important because the plants need nourishment in order to grow strong.

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