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How to Plant & Care for Pansies

Colourful pansies in a bunch.

Pansies are a beautiful, easy-to-grow flower that love sun and are tolerant to colder weather. We’ll show you how to plant and care for pansies to create a gorgeous flower garden that will compliment your growing space and grow even when the temperatures dip.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 How to Grow Pansies from Seed

    A seed tray with pansies starting to grow.

    When planting pansies from seed, it’s important to remember that they grow best in soil temperatures between 10- and 20-degrees Celsius. Choose a low-pH soil that is rich with organic matter and layer even more compost on top, working it into the soil with your hands. Add some plant food to give them a good foundation that will help them grow heartily. Plant them about 6-10 inches apart, staggering rows as you go.

  2. Step 2 Where to Plant Pansies

    Colourful pansies in a bunch.

    Pansies prefer full-sun placement in the morning and some afternoon shade from the really hot sunlight. Elevated flower beds are an ideal place to plant pansies as it will help keep the roots from getting too wet. They’re also a great flower to edge a shrub or wooded area as they can use the shade into the afternoon. They can also be planted in hanging pots or baskets and even around other shade-loving flowers.

  3. Step 3 How to Care for Pansies

    A pot with pansies in it sitting beside a watering can.

    Caring for your pansies is easier than you may think. Feed your plants every other week during their growing cycle with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. This will help them grow nice and strong. Water your pansies consistently, but be careful to not over-water, as they don’t like a soggy soil. A quick tip would be to stick your finger into the soil, if it comes out with wet soil on it, then you don’t need water, if it comes out clean, then go ahead and water your pansies. Pansies need less water in cooler weather but be sure to check them during dry spells.

  4. Step 4 Tips for Container Gardens

    Pansies in decorative pumpkin pots.

    Pansies also grow well in containers and window boxes. Be sure to use a high-quality potting mix with peat moss and fertilizer for the best results. They can be used in containers to surround small shrubs like blueberry or hydrangea or can also be used to edge flower beds with annuals like mums and other perennials.

  5. Step 5 How to Prepare your Pansies for the Winter

    A woman tends to her pansies in a container.

    Pansies are cool weather resistant. Simply trim back your dead stems and continue to water and feed them like normal. In really cold weather, add some straw around the stems to help keep in the soil’s warmth. They’ll also need extra fertilizer in the winter. Plants have a harder time soaking up granular fertilizer in colder temperatures, so feed them with a liquid fertilizer to make things easier. With proper care, you’ll be able to keep your pansies thriving through winter and into the spring.

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