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Vegetables & Herbs to Grow Indoors

Don’t let the cooler weather stop you from growing and enjoying your own freshly grown ingredients. Here are some of the best vegetables and herbs to grow indoors while you wait for the weather to warm up.     

Green Onions

Green onions have a milder taste than most onions and even help promote digestive health. Green onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors. Plant them in soil and water frequently, and you’ll enjoy fresh green onions all year long.


Carrots are rich in antioxidants and are a delicious addition to almost any meal. Carrots need to be planted in deep pots, as they grow deeper than most vegetables. Typically, they require about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight per day, and you’ll need to water them when the soil feels dry to the touch.


Peppers are great whether cooked into a dish or raw as a snack. Peppers are rich in many vitamins and antioxidants, especially vitamin C. A nice big container in a sunny spot is all you need to grow beautiful peppers indoors, but they also require a lot of water, so be sure to check them daily and water when necessary.


Basil is a delicious garnish that also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Plant your basil in a 4-inch pot with drainage holes. Basil thrives in direct sunlight and warm conditions. Trim it at 6-inches to ensure healthy growth.


Lettuce is a salad staple, and provides calcium, vitamin C and more. Loose potting soil, a little water and 3-4 hours of sunlight should be enough to keep your lettuce healthy and thriving indoors. Loose-leaf lettuce is ideal for indoor growing as you can pick and use the outer leaves while never uprooting it, providing you with a continuous harvest.


Mint is a calming and delicious herb that can help to soothe an upset stomach. When growing mint, keep the soil moist and give it lots of sunlight. When harvesting, never snip all of the mint leaves from one plant. Instead, leave a minimum of two leaves to ensure the plant stays healthy.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and a delicious choice for salads, sandwiches and more. Roma, Pixie and Patio tomatoes are all great indoor choices, but they all require a lot of sunlight to grow into healthy plants. Water them frequently to ensure you have fresh, juicy tomatoes all year round.


Spinach is one of the healthiest greens you can eat, and an easy leafy green to grow all year round. It’s great in a salad or in a pasta dish. Good drainage is key to a healthy spinach plant, so ensure you have proper drainage holes in your pot. Use an indoor potting mix and water when dry to the touch.


Thyme is traditionally used to flavour meats, soups and more. Thyme does well in four- to six-inch pots and can even be transferred in from an outdoor plant, making it one of the most versatile indoor herbs. 


Parsley is great as a garnish on meats, soups and other dishes. Parsley needs sunlight - about 6-8 hours per day – so keep this plant near a window that gets a lot of sunlight and water when the soil feels dry. 

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