Outdoor Living Ideas & How-To

Enjoy the Summer Season

Update your outdoor space and bring new life to your backyard, deck or patio.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating a living space outdoors is easy. Add a fire pit, BBQ and more to build the ultimate outdoor retreat for entertaining and relaxing.

BBQ Recipes

Whether it’s grilling, searing or smoking, we’ve got some great recipes, tips and tricks to get the most out of your BBQ this season.

Gyro Recipe: Rotisserie Lamb Gyros on the BBQ

Follow our gyro recipe by marinating lamb overnight then load your BBQ rotisserie spit attachment with thin slices and let your grill do the rest.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers on the Grill

Bring Hawaiian flavour to your chicken skewers with a homemade pineapple marinade recipe and grilled pineapple chunks. A quick recipe for your BBQ!

How to Reverse Sear Steak on the Grill: Sous Vide Ribeye Recipe

Learn how to reverse sear your ribeye steak using your BBQ's infrared burner. Simply season it, then sous vide before searing on both sides for 1 minute.

How to Smoke Bourbon Chicken Wings on the Grill

Cook your chicken on the grill with a BBQ smoker box filled with hickory wood chips for extra flavour. Follow our bourbon chicken recipe for great wings! 

How to BBQ Salmon: Maple Glazed Salmon Recipe

Learn how to make soy maple glazed salmon on a grill by adding wood chips to a smoker tube attachment. Check the full salmon marinade and BBQ salmon recipe!

Rotisserie Basket Chicken Wings Recipe

Learn how to make Buffalo Chicken Wings on a BBQ with a rotisserie basket accessory. By starting with a dry rub recipe you’ll get crispy chicken wings.

Outdoor Storage Ideas & Projects

Having enough storage is key to keeping your outdoor living space neat and tidy. Make sure you’ve got place for all your tools, furniture and accessories.

Outdoor Projects -

Outdoor Projects

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