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Outdoor Living Ideas & How-To

Get Ready for Spring

Backyard ideas, gardening tips and advice on lawn care.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating a living space outdoors is easy. Add a fire pit, BBQ and more to build the ultimate outdoor retreat for entertaining and relaxing.

How to Reverse Sear Steak on the Grill: Sous Vide Ribeye Recipe

Learn how to reverse sear your ribeye steak using your BBQ's infrared burner. Simply season it, then sous vide before searing on both sides for 1 minute.

BBQ Recipes -

BBQ Recipes

  1. 01
    Pulled Pork Party Ring Recipe - Broil King
  2. 02
    Roasted Beer Can Chicken Recipe - Traeger
  3. 03
    Smoked Pork Spare Ribs Recipe - Traeger
  4. 04
    Braised Pork Chile Verde Recipe - Traeger
  5. 05
    Grilled Tomahawk Steaks Recipe - Traeger
  6. 06
    Pizza Bites Recipe - Traeger
  7. 07
    Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - Traeger
  8. 08
    Grilled Halibut Recipe - Weber
  9. 09
    How to Make a Rub: Kansas City Rib Rub Recipe - Weber
  10. 10
    Breakfast on the Grill on Wok Recipe: Green Eggs & Ham - Weber
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How to Smoke Bourbon Chicken Wings on the Grill

Cook your chicken on the grill with a BBQ smoker box filled with hickory wood chips for extra flavour. Follow our bourbon chicken recipe for great wings! 

How to BBQ Salmon: Maple Glazed Salmon Recipe

Learn how to make soy maple glazed salmon on a grill by adding wood chips to a smoker tube attachment. Check the full salmon marinade and BBQ salmon recipe!

Rotisserie Basket Chicken Wings Recipe

Learn how to make Buffalo Chicken Wings on a BBQ with a rotisserie basket accessory. By starting with a dry rub recipe you’ll get crispy chicken wings.

Outdoor Storage Ideas & Projects

Having enough storage is key to keeping your outdoor living space neat and tidy. Make sure you’ve got place for all your tools, furniture and accessories.