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Best BBQ Grills to Choose From

When it comes to barbequing, having the perfect grill can elevate your outdoor cooking to smoky perfection. We’ll help you find the best BBQ grill from one of the top name brands so you can start grilling like a pro, all while staying within your budget.

Types of BBQs and Grills

There are many options to consider when choosing the perfect BBQ. Gas or charcoal? Propane or wood? How about a Kamado? What is a BTU? We’ll help you choose the best grill for your space and help you understand the differences between each, including their features and benefits, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Natural Gas Grills

One of the most widely used grills; the natural gas grill connects to the gas line on the exterior of your home, eliminating the need for propane tanks. While natural gas doesn’t burn as hot as propane, it is more cost-effective and it offers a constant flow without the need to refill your tank, for uninterrupted grilling.

Propane BBQs

Propane BBQs are another one of the most commonly used grills. Propane burns hotter than natural gas, giving you more cooking options. Propane tanks can be refilled and are portable, allowing you more freedom in where you place it in your yard and giving you the ability to take your grill anywhere you need to, without worrying about being connected to a gas line.

Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal grills do away with gas and propane and are instead heated using charcoal briquettes. When burned, they turn into embers, giving you an even, hot grilling surface that is often considered to produce a smokier flavour than propane or gas. Charcoal grills are portable as well and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Wood Pellet BBQs

Wood pellet grills are one of the most versatile BBQs on the market, as they can be used at a variety of temperatures, making them an ideal grill, barbeque or smoker. They’re often cylindrical in shape and burn food-safe wood pellets to create heat. If you’re looking for a multipurpose cooking item, this may the grill for you.


For those that love that smoky flavour, perhaps a smoker would be more appropriate. Smokers keep your meat beside the heat source, so it’s easier to replace your wood and keep your heat in, without moving the meat out of the way. Wood is placed into a box on the side and burned, producing the smoke that gives the meat its signature flavour.

Electric/ Portable BBQs

Electric grills are often smaller and run completely on electricity, making them the ultimate portable grilling surface for someone on the go. You won’t get the full, smoky, bbq flavour that you would from a traditional fire grill, but they can be used almost anywhere, which is a plus.

Kamado BBQs 

Kamado grills can do it all, from traditional barbequing, to veggies and even pizzas. While they’re predominantly charcoal fed, they can be easily converted to natural gas or propane for ultimate flexibility.

Features to look for in a BBQ

How many burners do I need?
More burners means more grilling “zones”, or more areas to cook on your grill. These areas can be adjusted to different temperatures, letting you sear a steak in one area and cook something on a lower heat in another with ease. You can find grills with 4 or even 6 burners, which give you even more versatility, allowing you to cook multiple foods at once.
Do I need side burners?
Side burners are handy if you’re cooking everything in one go. You can keep a sauce simmering, or cook something separately if needed. Do you need them? If you’re cooking near your kitchen, you may not, but they’re always a nice addition and often come in handy.
Built-in Thermometers
Some grills come with a built-in thermometer and some offer add-on items that can alert you to the temperature of your meat on the grill. This allows you to close the lid and let it cook, keeping the moisture and heat in the BBQ and ensuring the perfect cook, every time.    
Choosing the Right BTU
BTUs in grilling are a measurement of how much heat your grill can generate when your burners are at maximum output. Simply put, it’s how hot your grill can get. There are, however, variables that affect BTU efficiency.    
Features Description
Grilling Technology BBQ grills can be simple, or feature a range of upgrades and technology designed to make grilling a pleasure.
Infrared Technology Ensures even heat distribution, locking in heat and flavour. Because it’s not an open flame, there’s also less risk of charring your food.
Electric Ignition Systems
Electric ignition systems ensure that you always have a consistent start-up. With these systems, you don’t have to light your burners by hand, but by pressing a button to start the grill.
Grease Management One feature to watch for is something to manage your grease drippings. Look for a system that keeps the drippings off your burners and redirects it into a removable tray of some sort for easy cleaning.

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