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DIY PVC Bike Rack

  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Gather Materials

    Gather your materials.

  2. Step 2 Measure and Mark PVC Pipes

    Measure and Mark PVC Pipes

    Measure and mark your PVC pipes using the following measurements:

    • 12 x 10"
    • 6 x 12"
    • 6 x 6"
    • 9 x 2"




  3. Step 3 Cut PVC

    Cut PVC

    Wearing safety googles cut your PVC pipes using a hand or mitre saw. Use extra caution when cutting 2” pieces.

  4. Step 4 Connect Vertical Pieces

    Connect Vertical Pieces

    Dry-fit vertical bike rack pieces by connecting one 10” and 12” PVC pipe using a tee joint,
    repeating until you have 6.

  5. Step 5 Connect Horizontal Pieces

    Connect Horizontal Pieces

    To create the horizontal portion of the rack, connect two tee joints with a 10” pipe, then add a 2” pipe and elbow joint to one end. Repeat this step and then connect the end tee joints with a 2” pipe to create one long section. Repeat the above step 3 times to create three long sections.

  6. Step 6 Connect Frame Feet

    Connect Frame Feet

    Assemble rack feet by inserting 10” pieces into tees and connecting the remaining horizontal piece.

  7. Step 7 Flip Over

    Flip Over

    Flip over the assembled rack and ensure all pieces fit together properly.

  8. Step 8 Disassemble and Glue Joints

    Disassemble and Glue Joints

    Glue joints together using PVC cement. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves when following this step.

  9. Step 9 Park Your Bikes

    Park Your Bikes

    Park your bikes and enjoy!

What You Need for This Project

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