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Gyro Recipe: Rotisserie Lamb Gyros on the BBQ

Follow our rotisserie gyro recipe by marinating lamb overnight in a homemade dry rub. Load your BBQ rotisserie spit attachment with thin slices and let your grill do the rest for a traditional Greek gyro you can make at home.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. Step 1 Prepare the lamb meat

    Leg of lamb sliced on cutting board

    Slice the legs of lamb in thin slices as flat as possible.

  2. Step 2 Grind all dry ingredients

    Mortar and pestle with dry rub ingredients

    Using a Mortar and Pestle, or grinder, blend all dry ingredients to make a dry rub.

  3. Step 3 Marinate lamb

    Lamb marinating in dry rub

    Combine all ingredients together to marinade for 1 hour or overnight.

  4. Step 4 Insert charcoal tray

    Charcoal in BBQ tray

    Remove grill grates and deflector plates from your BBQ. Insert charcoal tray.

  5. Step 5 Preheat charcoal

    Charcoal heating up in BBQ

    Load and preheat charcoal. Get the charcoal hot until it is white in colour.

  6. Step 6 Load rotisserie spit

    Lamb slices being loaded onto rotisserie spit

    While charcoal heats, load slices of lamb onto the rotisserie spit. Season liberally.

  7. Step 7 Place rotisserie on grill

    Rotisserie spit turning over white hot charcoal

    Load the lamb spit onto grill and allow to cook until internal temperature reaches 130F.

  8. Step 8 Slice desired portion of lamb

    Man cutting slices of lamb off spit onto plate

    Slice off desired serving portion, while leaving the gyro to continue turning. This can be done repeatedly, to keep the meat ready to serve. Alternatively, cook to an internal temperature of 145F and remove from grill, allow to rest 15-20 minutes and remove spit.

  9. Step 9 Assemble gyros

    Three lamb gyros on a tray assembled with pita bread and garnishes

    Assemble Gyros to your liking using prepared garnishes such as tomatoes, onions, herbs and feta.

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