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How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower.

There's more to cutting a lawn than just turning on the mower. Maintenance and care can add years to the life of your mower and make the task easier. A fast, simple maintenance plan early in the mowing season can make the difference between care-free operation and costly and stress-inducing repairs. Be sure to keep the blade sharp. A sharp-edge blade, along with a well cared-for engine, will keep your mower humming with ease.

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  1. Step 1 Clean Off the Mower

    Clean Off the Mower.

    Once or twice a year, clean your mower. With the gas tank empty, disconnect the spark plug wire and turn the mower on its side. Give it a powerful spray with a hose to loosen dirt and dried-on grass. Scrub with a soft brush and soapy water and rinse.

  2. Step 2 Replace or Clean the Air Filter

    Replace or Clean the Air Filter.

    Replace or clean the air filter once or twice a year. Replace paper filters when they look dirty. Plastic foam filters can be removed and washed out by hand in warm, soapy water and then allowed to air-dry. After they dry thoroughly, work about two tablespoons of clean mower oil evenly across and into the filter, lightly coating it.

  3. Step 3 Empty the Fuel Tank

    Empty the Fuel Tank.

    After you've used the mower for the last time at the end of the growing season, ensure you empty the fuel tank. For suggestions on proper fuel and waste practice consult your local hazardous waste centre. Leave the gas tank empty until spring. If the mower has a separate tank for oil, empty it and refill the oil tank with fresh oil.

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