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Balcony Décor Ideas

Balconies are an often-overlooked aspect of condo or apartment living. They’re an extra space that is usually more suited for storing things than for entertaining. Creating a beautiful, welcoming balcony, however, is easy with our trendy collections of furniture, lighting and accessories – giving you everything you need to make your balcony an extension of your home. Our inspiring small balcony ideas will help you create a great place to relax, enjoy and entertain family and friends.

Pick the Best Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

Selecting the right furniture for your space is important to making it function well. If you’ve got a small balcony or patio area, consider a bistro set. This 2-seat set can include a table, or even be mounted directly onto your railing for even more space savings. It’s perfect for a conversation or coffee and can be accented with a colourful vase, greenery, or patterned throw pillows.

Cover Your Unattractive Balcony Floor

If your balcony or patio has a floor that doesn’t look great – whether it’s stains, cracks or other blemishes – consider adding an outdoor rug or deck tiles to cover it up. Not only will they help you hide unsightly areas, you’ll add a pop of colour and style to your space as well.

Turn Your Balcony into a Small Garden

Bring some plant life to your balcony with container gardening. Whether it’s planters full of veggies or flowers to add some beauty, you can add them to the walls or railings to really make your space shine and create a beautiful balcony garden.

Create a Cozy Feeling with Outdoor Lights

Create an illuminated balcony or porch space by adding string or rope lights, flameless LED candles or other lighting. Wrap the lights around posts or hang them from the ceiling to invoke a warm, inviting feel to your entertainment space.

Get Creative with Your Balcony Décor & Accessories

Above all else, have fun and find your style when decorating your patio. Use colourful throw pillows and blankets, LED lighting, vintage seating, hammocks and other items to truly create a unique space to call your own. Incorporate flowers, garden elements, wood and water features or anything else that catches your eye to help you build the perfect entertainment and relaxation space.

Top Patio Products for Your Balcony

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