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Front Porch Décor Ideas

Decorating your front porch with items from our patio collections can both boost your curb appeal and give you a stylish area to relax and entertain friends and family. Simple additions like new lighting covers, a trendy new conversation set, furniture or even a small rug can instantly transform your porch from boring to beautiful, all while staying on budget.

Freshen Your Door with Paint

A fresh coat of paint can completely transform your porch and add curb appeal. But don’t just stop at a bold new colour for your door; re-painting trim, shutters and stair railings can allow you to completely customize the look of your porch. Choose colours that compliment your exterior house colour for maximum effect.

Update Your House Numbers

While they may seem like a small part of your overall décor, the numbers on the front of your house can have a big impact on your design. Paint them a different colour or invest in newer, more stylish ones or even add them to a planter box to really make your porch look great.

Mimic the Look of an Indoor Living Room

Adding an area rug and some elegant furniture to your porch can bring the cozy warmth of the inside to your outside area. Plush seating, throw pillows and accents like lighting and accessories can elevate your porch design to the next level.

Take Your Relaxing up a Notch with Comfortable Seating

Adding comfortable seating is a great way to elevate your front porch décor. A trendy hanging chair can add an interesting visual element, a porch swing is a fun addition as well, while a plush sectional or chairs can give you a comfy place to read a book or have a drink with a friend.

Bring Comfort Outside with Pillows and Accessories

Add comfort and style to your sitting area by accessorizing with throw pillows and accessories like plants, vases, rugs and more. A small table can add a pop of colour and give you a place to rest your morning coffee, while a lantern or candle can give off some soft lighting in the evening.

Add a Welcoming Door Mat

Adding a door mat to your front entrance helps keep your shoes clean when entering and offers a great way to add personality to your porch. Add one with a saying or family name or customize your own to create a completely unique entranceway that’s completely your own.

Add a Pop of Colour with Flowers

Adding flowers can give your front porch décor a much-needed pop of colour. Be sure to pick colours that work with your existing outdoor décor. Bigger plants can overpower smaller porches, so make sure to consider that when making your decision. Pair them with planters and vases that also work with your décor.

Give a Seasonal Refresh to Your Front Porch

Every season brings with it the opportunity to change up the décor on your porch and make it festive and beautiful. Add some gorgeous gourds and leaves for fall, spooky decorations for Halloween and some festive ornaments and wreaths for the holidays. The possibilities are endless.

Top Patio Products for Your Front Porch

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