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How to Maintain & Repair a Stone Walkway

Keep your pathway safe and beautiful by cleaning and illuminating it. Give your landscape a facelift by repairing and maintaining your walkways and ensuring paths are well lit. We’ll help you update your path so it's safe, clean and ready to welcome friends and family.

Pave the Way

Does your walkway need a facelift? Add colour, texture and durability with pavers. Natural stone, brick and concrete come in many styles and colours. They are often used in front of the house or in formal gardens. Wood can also be used as a boardwalk, path or footbridge.

  • Stone: These are easy to install, inexpensive and allow for good drainage. Stone is available in a variety of textures, from gravel to limestone.
  • Concrete: Inexpensive, durable and easy to install, these come in a range of patterns and colours. For more options, read our pavers buying guide.
  • Brick: These are versatile and can be laid side-by-side, end-to-end or diagonally. Gravel, wood chips and plant materials: Often seen in the backyard or at the side of the house, these provide a laid-back look.
  • Wood: Planks add old-world charm and rustic appeal to any landscape.

Lay the Groundwork

A functional garden path will provide a safe route through your garden. Acting as anchors to surrounding plants, paths can also be works of art, adding colour and interest to the landscape. Remember, your walkway is only as strong as its foundation—lay it properly, and your path should last for years.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Depending on the surface of your path, specific cleaning methods may be required. To keep it free of weeds, use a herbicide formulated with a non-selective agent to kill a wide variety of weeds. Take care of weeds in spring, while they are still young, to save time hand-pulling them later in the season.

For brick pavers, use a power washer to get rid of moss on the surface and between cracks. Use pressure below 3,000 pounds per square inch so the brick doesn't chip. And for a quick and easy cleanup solution, consider using a leaf blower to clear your path of garden debris.

Maintain and Repair

Check your path regularly for signs of cracking, especially on wooden surfaces, and repair as needed. Reset or replace any uneven pavers that have sunk or lifted. When moisture gets in the cracks, it can cause further deterioration. A good way to prevent this and add a layer of protection is with a coat of exterior paint or stain. Don't forget to bring in a picture of the area to help you choose a complementary colour.

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting will make your path look great at night and illuminate your garden. Here are three options:

  • Downlights cast onto an object from above to produce a natural effect.
  • Uplights shine up at an object from below for a dramatic effect.
  • Path lights emit a soft glow, and are designed to direct light downward for better visibility while walking.

Eco-friendly products are another option for outdoor lighting. There are a few choices: solar is simple to install along a pathway border, low-voltage options provide power lighting without the cost, and motion sensor lights only become activated when there's movement in your yard.

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