Patio Inspiration & Styles: New Collections

Mid-Century Modern Patio Furniture

Featuring the glamourous design elements of past eras, Mid-Century Modern incorporates warm wood tones, clean modern shapes, geometric patterns and oversized chevrons to create a retro, yet modern overall look and feel. Playful block cushions can be used to add even more visual variety, while vintage yellows and blues are paired with warm browns to create a look that is both timeless and elegant.

Modern Farmhouse Patio Designs

A staple of indoor design, this look is easily brought to the outdoor space by adding modern elements with a rustic, salvaged look. Distressed wood and natural materials add texture and have an artisanal quality. Modern accents are pulled in through printed pillows. Add outdoor lanterns and greenery to pull this look together. The colour palette is made up of natural warm grays and mushroom, with hints of denim and chambray. Blues are the latest neutral and sit perfectly alongside all the natural, raw textures. Add some bold patterned pillows to finish off the style.

Bohemian Escape Patio Trend

This trend has a lived-in look and feel. It incorporates natural, woven materials and rope, which are paired with neutral looking textiles and linens for a tactile mix.

The goal is to create a feeling of spiritual wellness and mindfulness, that aims to help you disconnect from the consumer world. Escape to a tropical getaway with materials like rattan and teak. Add pops of colour with our array of tropical printed pillows and fun brightly coloured accessories.    

Urban Attitude Patio Furniture

This look takes the industrial trend and relaxes it slightly, giving it a more laid back, cozy and minimalistic appearance. Galvanized metal and cylindrical surfaces are accented by softened chevrons and directional striped patterns, creating a muted and calm feeling. Add in the crisp whites, blacks and charcoals that define this style and you’ll not only create the illusion of more space, but you’ll have a look that’s sure to impress.

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