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Install a Bathroom Vanity

Install a Bathroom Vanity

Enhance your bathroom appeal with the perfect vanity.

Often, all you need to do to update your bathroom is to install a new vanity.The choice in colour and style is wide – you can go traditional or thoroughly modern. It's a good idea to look for something that is similar in size to your existing unit. With the addition of a matching sink and beautiful new faucet, your space will be transformed.


  •  There are 6 steps to completing this project:
    Step 1  Remove Baseboard
    Step 2  Vanity Placement
    Step 3  Install Vanity
    Step 4  Attach Braided Lines
    Step 5  Install the P-Trap
    Step 6  Test Water

  • Vanity
    Braided Lines
    Chrome P-trap

  • Pencil
    Tape Measure
    Screw Gun

1  Remove Baseboard

Carefully remove existing baseboard and set aside for reuse once vanity is in place.

Vanity Placement

2  Vanity Placement

Measure to determine where your vanity will be placed relative to the existing plumbing.

Install Vanity

3  Install Vanity

Install the vanity using screws through the cabinet into a wall stud. Then place the counter and sink.

Attach Braided Lines

4  Attach Braided Lines

Using an adjustable wrench, attach the braided lines on the tap leads under the sink. Then attach the opposite end of the braided lines onto the shut off valve coming from the wall. Gently tighten.

Install the P-Trap

5  Install the P-Trap

Measure the distance to the wall from the centre of the tailpiece and cut the wall extension portion of the P-trap so that it fits into the PVC wall adaptor. Put the other end over the tailpiece at the bottom of the sink and adjust to ensure that everything is in line, then tighten both nuts.

Test Water

6  Test Water

Slowly turn the water back on with the taps open and check for leaks in the supply lines and P-trap. Re-tighten if necessary.

What You Need for This Project