Make a Wall Niche

Make a Wall Niche

If you don't have the room, or don't want to make room, for a bathroom vanity, how will you find space for all the things that don't fit in a medicine cabinet?

You steal it, from right inside the walls. With a little cutting and simple construction skills, you can build a cleverly designed wall niche, with ample storage, that hides behind a pop-out door.


  •  There are 12 steps to completing this project:
    Step 1  Locate Studs
    Step 2  Cut Out Drywall
    Step 3  Install Supports
    Step 4  Cut to Depth
    Step 5  Assemble Niche/span>
    Step 6  Attach Back
    Step 7  Attach Hardware
    Step 8  Install Box
    Step 9  Install the Remaining Rows
    Step 10  Fill Gaps
    Step 11  Finishing Touches

  • 3/4" Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
    1" x 3" Spruce
    Flush Mount Hinges
    Magnetic Pop-Out Catches
    1-5/8" Drywall Screws
    Carpenter's Glue
    Latex Caulking (Paintable)

  • Stud Finder
    Drywall Saw
    Countersink Bit
    1-3/8" Forstner Bit
    Tape Measure
    Screw Gun
    Table Saw

1  Locate Studs

Use a stud finder to determine the location of your niche (you want to fit it between two studs).

2  Draw Outline

Draw level lines to mark the top and bottom of your niche.

Cut Out Drywall

3  Cut Out Drywall

Using a drywall saw cut along the top line until you hit the stud, then cut along the stud to the bottom line. Cut back along the bottom line to the other stud and cut up along the stud to the top line. Remove drywall cutout.

Install Supports

4  Install Supports

Cut two pieces of 1" x 3" spruce to fit between studs (top and bottom). Screw into studs.

Cut to Depth

5  Cut to Depth

Measure the depth of the wall and cut a length of 3/4" MDF to match the depth, less 1/4" to accommodate the niche backer. You'll need enough MDF for top, bottom and sides.

Assemble Niche

6  Assemble Niche

Countersink, glue and screw the box together.

Assemble Niche

7  Attach Back

Measure the outside dimensions of the box and cut a piece of MDF to size. Glue and screw this piece to the back of the box.

Assemble Niche

8  Make Door

To make the door, cut a piece of 3/4" MDF to the exact size of the opening less 1/16" for clearance.

Attach Hardware

9  Attach Hardware

Drill 1-3/8" holes and screw hinges in place. Install pop-out hardware on opposing side. Attach door.

Install Box

10  Install Box

Ensuring that it's flush with finished drywall, install box using 2" brad nails.

11  Fill Gaps

Caulk any gaps between wall and box. When dry, sand all surfaces.

12  Finishing Touches

Prime and paint.

What You Need for This Project