Modern Flair Bathrooms

Modern Flair Bathrooms

Reinvent your bathroom design scheme with contemporary flair.

Contemporary bathroom design is as much about creating comfort and ambience as it is providing those accoutrements that are functionally necessary. Beauty and practicality go hand in hand. What we have now are spa-like spaces reminiscent of luxury hotels, but conducive to everyday family needs.

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Designers employ the latest in natural and manufactured materials to achieve the look. Ceramic and stone go beyond the shower, covering every wall with easy-care tiles in a variety of styles. Mini squares, over-sized oblongs, glossy, matte, or textured, one or more are used to great effect. And gorgeously patterned slate or stone, both natural and man-made, are popular choices for bathroom floors.

Designers take advantage of streamlined shapes and sleek fixtures to invoke modern flair. Most representative of the style are square shapes and hi-gloss or brushed metal finishes. Box-like sink units and storage columns repeat tile shapes while practical elements like clear glass shower doors and unadorned opaque windows echo the theme. The use of textures and subtle colour softens any tendency toward an institutional look.

Faucets and Shower Heads

Eliminating the tub in favour of the super shower is increasingly popular. And where a bath is included as a separate element, its style often evokes fine furnishings. Wood in exotic dark finishes is used as both tub and sink surround. In fact warm dark brown as in these stained woods is one of the most stylish and trendsetting colours currently used in bathrooms.

Bathroom Sink

Faucets and shower fixtures are no longer simply necessary additions to the bathing space. They have become sleek artistic elements, chosen for the design statement as much as their practical value. A wide range of metals provides great choice for the decorator. Chrome used in all the examples you see here lends itself beautifully to today's aesthetic.

The key to creating a bathroom with modern flair is to keep it simple, choose geometric shapes and combine just a couple of complementary neutral tones with contrasting textures for added interest.