Striped Mosaic Tile Wall

Striped Mosaic Tile Wall

Liven up your bathroom with a wall of alternating mosaic tile and solid colour painted stripes.

Applying a mosaic tile feature to your bathroom is an inexpensive way of bringing character to plain walls. Striped mosaic tile is simple to install and easy to work with, especially when it comes to decorating tight spaces.


  •  There are 5 steps to completing this project:
    Step 1  Measure
    Step 2  Apply Simplemat
    Step 3  Grout
    Step 4  Paint
    Step 5  Enjoy

  • Tile
    Safety glasses
    Painter's tape
    Some sheets of SimpleMat tile-setting mat

  • Measuring Tape
    Tile Cutters
    Paint rollers and trays
    Level tile setting

Step 1: Measure

1  Measure

Measure the wall space you'll be working with and buy your paint and tile accordingly. Measure 12 inches up from the floor and make a mark. This will be the space for your first tile stripe. Measure up eight inches and mark. Then measure up another 12 inches and mark. This will be your second tile stripe. Repeat as frequently as your wall space permits, giving eight inches of space between each tile strip. Repeat this process on another point on the wall to create a second reference point. Use a string and pushpins to draw the guidelines for the tile stripes along the wall. Use a level to make sure they're straight.

Step 2: Apply Simplemat

2  Apply Simplemat

Following the instructions on the box, apply the SimpleMat tile setting to the stripes you plan to tile. Apply the tile squares directly to the tile mat. Use tile cutters to clip away any protruding tiles.

Step 3: Grout

3  Grout

Place pencil moulding tile into the grout above and below the stripes. Grout the tile with a float. Hold the float at a 45-degree angle. Let the grout dry for 20 minutes. Mop off excess grout with a damp sponge. Let grout dry for another two hours. Polish grout with a cheesecloth.

Step 4: Paint

4  Paint

Tape off edges of the stripes with painter's tape. Paint between, above, and below the tile stripes.

Step 5: Enjoy

5  Enjoy

Enjoy your updated bathroom.

What You Need for This Project