Outdoor Water Saving Tips

These outdoor water saving tips will help you save you money and reduce your water consumption this spring and summer.


1  Plant in the Spring or Fall

Watering requirements are lower during spring and fall, making these ideal seasons to do your planting.

2  Water in the Morning

Water your lawn and garden early in the morning when sun is low and temperatures are cooler. This minimizes the chance of evaporation.

3  Water Once a Week

About 2-3 cm of water per week is adequate for a healthy lawn and garden.

4  Assess your Sprinkler

Use a low-angle or pulsating sprinkler that produces large droplets of water. Sprinklers with a high spray loose water through evaporation. If you have an automated watering system, ensure you're not watering sidewalks. Use a timer to control watering time and duration. If it has a rain delay built in, you'll be sure not to waste water

5  Apply Mulch

Blanketing soil in mulch helps keep the soil moist. When sun and wind come into contact with bare soil, much of the water in the soil is sucked from soil and evaporated. Mulch provides a barrier so moisture remains in the soil.

6  Compost

Compost vegetable food waste rather than relying solely on garbage disposal. Compost acts as a sponge in the soil, soaking in and retaining water. It will save water and can double as mulch in your garden.

7  Water the Roots

Water close to the roots to ensure the majority of water is absorbed.

8  Collect Rainwater

Install a rain barrel to the downspout of your home. Rain water is ideal for plants as it doesn't contain chlorine or calcium. Great for use in the garden or to wash your car or windows.

9  Sweep. Don't Rinse

Use a broom to clean surfaces and walkways rather than using a hose

10  Fix or Replace a Leaky Hose

Replacing an old, cracked hose will save you money and increase water pressure. If you only have a small leak, use a hose washer, which creates a tight seal that prevents leaks.

11  Weed Regularly

Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, light, and water, so keep weeds out of your garden

12  Use a Bucket to Wash

Instead of using a running hose, fill a bucket and use a sponge to wash your car or boat. To rinse, use a trigger nozzle on a hose.

13  Pools and Hot Tubs

Fill your pool or hot tub about 15-20cm from the top to avoid water loss from splashing. Use a cover when it's not in use to reduce evaporation.

14  Keep Grass Long

When cutting your lawn, leave grass at least 6cm long to provide shade for the roots. This will allow the soil to remain moist and require less watering.

15  Use Eco Options Products

Whenever possible, choose Eco Options approved products from The Home Depot to ensure you're getting the most water efficient products available.


While enjoying the outdoors this spring and summer, be water conscious and help protect our most precious resource.