Style that Sizzles, Convenience to Love

Maximize your space and style, regardless of the size of your kitchen.

If you’re looking to save space and create a more efficient kitchen –without sacrificing style – combinations of semi-custom cabinetry and our organizational tools will help ensure there’s a place for everything you need – in a budget and style that suits you.

Removable pull-out recycle bins, pull-out pantries that hold a family’s worth of food and back door “drop zones” that keep your keys, coats and messages organized will have you wondering how you ever managed without them.


Today's computer design tools make it possible for your in-store design associate to help you personally fashion a kitchen, bath or built-ins to precisely suit your needs-even rescue leftover inches for a slender pull-out pantry or utility closet. Areas previously considered dead space have been reclaimed, re-imagined, and re-configured for maximum utility.

And all this convenience doesn't mean a sacrifice of great looks-to the contrary. An increasing emphasis on designing cabinetry with distinctive furniture-like styling results in highly functional spaces where you'll be eager to host guests and that segue seamlessly from kitchen or bath to adjacent rooms.

Furniture-inspired details transform utilitarian cabinetry into natural extensions of the rest of your home. Carved brackets and mouldings, for example, turn a stove into a hearth-like focal point, echoing design elements from an adjacent room or establishing their own appealing style theme to play off of elsewhere. Decorative base, column, foot or leg treatments add a personalized, eclectic feel-as if you've mixed in a flattering piece of furniture.

Wood, paint and glaze finishes, too, are ever more specialized, with the depth and variety of tonal effects you'd expect in high-end furniture. A mix of wood and painted finishes in the same room or a single painted accent makes a room feel spontaneous and welcoming.

Another creative tool is to place furniture-like units-perhaps a glass-fronted display cabinet or interesting desk, serving counter or storage bench-where the kitchen segues into an adjoining space. Smoothing such transitions makes a home appear larger and allows rooms to flow naturally from one to the other.

So, whether you simply want to add a little convenience and organization to an existing kitchen or create a stylish vintage, modern or continental look from scratch, today's options help you think outside the traditional cabinet box for a kitchen that's a joy to live with.