Fresh Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Fresh Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Let us inspire you with some creative gift ideas for the gardening mom.

A Functional Arrangement

1  A Functional Arrangement

A dish garden is more than just a flower arrangement. Whereas flower arrangements aspire only to beauty, the dish garden assembles a variety of plants that, like a harmonious household, will grow and thrive in the same container. Look for plants that not only complement one another aesthetically, but that also have similar light, space, and water needs so no one plant grows at the expense of others. 

For a gift presentation she's sure to love, include a Home Depot Gift Card on a plant stake.


  • Look for a container that reflects her personality. Home Depot offers a wide variety of vases, pots and planters. Be creative; sometimes, the right dish may not be a dish at all.
  • If you choose a container with a deep base, plan on filling the bottom with potting soil. With a shallower dish, the soil each flower was sold in may suffice to fill the dish.
  • To give each plant in her dish garden equal opportunity to shine, start with the tallest plant in the centre of the dish, then work your way out in concentric rings with the smaller plants. Be careful not to overcrowd.
  • Don't worry about making the arrangement look perfectly symmetrical—idiosyncrasies are encouraged!


2  A Mini Greenhouse

Why wait for summer to get your mom's green thumb in gear? Spoil her with a mini greenhouse, an ideal gift for the gardening mom who wants to protect her delicate plants from temperature swings. Greenhouses offer the perfect controlled environment for plants to thrive and are the complete solution to vegetable growing and flower cultivation in any home.


3  A DIY test

Get crafty and surprise your mom with one of these DIY projects. Make it beforehand or buy all the supplies and make it together!

Build a Chalkboard Planter Box
Create a stylish, edible garden, planter coated with chalkboard paint so Mom can easily label all her herbs.

Create a Pond in a Pot
Every horticulturist knows that working hard to cultivate a garden leads to much-needed rest and relaxation.  Build a spa-like addition for Mom's garden and when her work is complete, she'll be able to admire her surroundings with the soothing background sounds of trickling water.