Make a Fall Fireworks Arrangement

Make a Fall Fireworks Arrangement

Create a seasonal orange and black bouquet for your indoor space.

With its bold combination of burnt orange and midnight hues, this seasonal arrangement is as festive as a bowl of Halloween candy.

You Will Need:

  • Black glass vase
  • Martha Stewart Living Precision Pruning Snip
  • Privet - This hardy shrub bears deep blue/black fruits in fall. They're found at farmers' markets and specialty flower shops. To give the fruits lustre, gently buff with a cloth.
  • Bittersweet - These fruits, sold at farmers' markets, can last for weeks. To prevent seeds from rooting and going wild, dispose of them carefully.
  • Echinacea - Simply pull off the petals to achieve this look: the seed heads glow like embers and last well over a week.
  • Gerbera Daisies - The wide, broad shape of these easy-to-find flowers balances the smaller, rounded fruits and seed heads.
  • Ornamental peppers - The tapered shapes of these fruits add an interesting element to any arrangement. Look for them at farmers' markets and vegetable stands.



  1. Start with the privet; its woody stems offer good interior support.
  2. Work in the bittersweet, the petal-free echinacea, and finally, the gerbera daisies and the ornamental peppers.
  3. Trim some of the stems so they stand upright, and let others drape dramatically over the side of the vase.