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Fall Outdoor Projects

6 Products for Your Home’s Exterior

Be prepared for transitioning your home into the fall months

Prepare the Outside of your Home

Whether it’s cleaning, sealing or painting, we’ll help you get the exterior of your home ready for winter.

Beautify Your Home Exterior

Enhance your curb appeal and improve the exterior of your home with these ideas.

8 Steps to Closing Out The Pool

8 Steps to Closing Out The Pool

1. Clean the bottom with a pool vacuum hose.

2. Use a net to remove floating debris and leaves.

3. Balance the water chemistry.

4. Shock your pool and add an algaecide.

5. Lower the water level to 4- 6 inches below the skimmer and close valves.

6. Drain the lines and plug them with winterizing plugs.

7. Fill the skimmer line with antifreeze and place a skimmer guard in the skimmer to prevent costly damage from ice forming.

8. Protect your pool with a winter cover

More Fall Ideas and Tips