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Closet Organization Ideas

Organizing a messy or cluttered closet makes it easier to find your clothes, creates space and makes the closet look neat and tidy. We’ll give you some great closet storage ideas, tips and tricks and show you how to use shelving to create space, how to hang things more efficiently, and how to use baskets and drawers to organize your items and neaten up your closet.

Use Shelves to Optimize Space and Add Some Décor to Your Closet

Adding wooden or wire shelving to your closet is a great way to increase storage for items like shoes and other non-hangable items. Wire shelves are perfect for letting things like linens breathe, while wooden shelving is sturdier for heavier items. You can even install adjustable shelving for maximum versatility. Use these closet shelving ideas to display accessories, keep your totes and bins organized and create some in-closet décor.

Hang Things the Smart Way

Hang your garments efficiently with a few of these tips. Use two rods at varying heights to hang twice the number of items. Longer sections of rods should be used for coats, dresses and other bulkier items that take up more space. Smaller hangers and specialty hangers can be used for ties, scarves and belts to keep them organized and accessible.

Use Basket and Bins to Keep Things Organized

Baskets and bins are an effective way of storing smaller items like jewelry, linens, pajama pants, accessories and other items that don’t require hangers. Bins can be stacked and hidden in shelving to keep your closet looking neat and organized.

Keep Your Shoes Tidy

Store your shoes with one shoe in each direction to help maximize space. Put them in shelving or cubbies or get a shoe rack to keep them organized. There are also shoe storage solutions that can be mounted to your door or wall, angling downward to give you a clear view of what’s on the rack or shelf. Shoe boxes are great for keeping dust at bay but are usually bulkier and take up more space. Rods can even be installed on your wall to hang your high heels from, creating a cool and organized look.

Use Drawers to Organize Large and Small Items

Drawers are a great option for storing towels, pants and anything else that’s foldable. Plus, they slide away neatly for hidden storage, but still give you the access you need when you need it. You can even use the top of the cabinet as another storage area.

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