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DIY Exercise Equipment Storage Rack

Stay fit and organized with this DIY storage unit for all your workout equipment. Featuring a weight rack, cubbies, hooks and straps, this versatile storage unit has everything you need to keep organized and fit at home.

Note: The dimensions of this unit can be altered to fit your specific needs. The finished unit from these instructions is 4’ x 2’ x 2’.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Gather Materials

    Gather materials.

  2. Step 2 Measure and Mark Plywood

    Measure & Mark Plywood

    To make transporting the pieces home easier, have all of the wood cut at your nearest Home Depot and skip to step 6. Or, on the large sheet of plywood, measure and mark two 4’ x 2’ rectangles for the unit’s top and bottom, and four 2’ x 2’ squares for the unit’s sides and dividers.

  3. Step 3 Measure and Mark Strips

    Measure & Mark Strips

    On the 2” wooden strips, measure and mark two 24” length pieces for the border, and two 45” pieces for the strips to hold your weights.

  4. Step 4 Measure and Mark Block

    Measure & Mark Block

    Measure and mark an 18” length on the 3” wooden block.

  5. Step 5 Cut Wood and Rubber

    Cut Wood & Rubber

    Cut the top, bottom, side, and middle pieces along your marked lines using a table saw. Cut the 2” pieces and block using a mitre saw. Then use a utility knife to cut a 4’ x 2’ rubber mat for the top.

  6. Step 6 Attach Sides

    Attach Sides

    Screw the sides to the base piece, with the finished surface of the wood facing in on the base, and out on the sides. Pre-drill holes before screwing for better ease and so you don’t chip the wood.

  7. Step 7 Measure and Mark Dividers

    Measure & Mark Dividers

    Mark 16” in from the ends of the bottom piece and connect them with a line widthwise to divide the piece into 3 equal segments.

  8. Step 8 Attach Dividers

    Attach Dividers

    Line up both dividers with both lines, and secure them to the base with screws.

  9. Step 9 Mark Top

    Mark Top

    Using the measurements from step 7, mark lines on the top piece where your dividers will attach.

  10. Step 10 Drill Top

    Drill Top

    Flip over the unit and line up the top piece, finished surface down, with the edges of the sides and dividers. Drill holes for screws at corners and along sides and dividers.

  11. Step 11 Screw Top

    Screw Top

    Screw the top to the sides and dividers.

  12. Step 12 Reinforce Corners

    Reinforce Corners

    Mark placements for corner brackets 1” to 2” from the four outside top and bottom corners. Screw in brackets.

  13. Step 13 Apply Adhesive

    Apply Adhesive

    Apply strips of double-sided tape to the top of the unit, sticky-side down, and peel away the sticker side of the tape. Or, apply glue evenly across the top’s surface.

  14. Step 14 Attach Rubber

    Attach Rubber

    Carefully lay the rubber mat onto the sticky surface of the top, ensuring edges are aligned and any bubbles are smoothed. Press down and let dry completely before proceeding.

  15. Step 15 Attach Border Pieces and Weight Dividers

    Attach Border Pieces & Weight Dividers

    Place the left and right border pieces on top of the rubber, the lengths of the pieces aligned with the sides of the unit. Drill holes in and screw both pieces to the top.

    Centre the weight-holding strips across the mat. Lay your weights along the strips to determine how far apart to space them. Drill and screw the strips into the top of the unit.

  16. Step 16 Mark Hooks

    Mark Hooks

    Mark places for hooks on one side of the unit.

  17. Step 17 Attach Hooks

    Attach Hooks

    Pre-drill, then screw hooks in.

  18. Step 18 Mark Straps

    Mark Straps

    On the opposite side, mark 1.5” below the top of the rubber, and 3” in from both sides.

  19. Step 19 Cut and Secure Straps

    Cut & Secure Straps

    Cut two 24” Velcro straps. Secure one end of each strap where you marked with double-sided tape or glue.

  20. Step 20 Attach Block

    Attach Block

    Centre the wooden block over the straps, and screw into place.

  21. Step 21 Sand


    Sand all rough edges and corners.

  22. Step 22 Attach Pegboard

    Attach Pegboard

    Turn over the unit and lay the pegboard onto the back, lining up all edges. Drill and screw at corners to secure.

  23. Step 23 Load With Equipment

    Load With Equipment

    Place weights on top, hold yoga mat in the straps, hang towels or skipping rope on the hooks, and store anything you desire in the cubbies!

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