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DIY Modular Crate Shelves

  1. Step 1 Gather materials

    Gather materials

    Gather your materials, everything can be found at your local Home Depot.

  2. Step 2 Sand Crates

    Sand Crates

    Sand the crates to get rid of imperfections in the wood. This will help the paint stick, and ensures a smooth finish.

  3. Step 3 Measure Halfway

    Measure Halfway

    Measure half way across the long side of your crate and using a pencil, mark the halfway point.

  4. Step 4 Create Design

    Create Design

    With painter’s tape, section off half of the crate for painting.

    Tip: If the half painted look isn’t your style, try painting them all one colour, or leave them blank.

  5. Step 5 Choose Paint

    Choose Paint

    Pour paint into your tray.

    Tip: Using chalk paint gives the wood a nice, matte finish, and doesn’t need a primer.

  6. Step 6 Paint Crates

    Paint Crates

    Using a foam roller, add 2-3 coats of paint depending on your desired finish.

  7. Step 7 Get the Details

    Get the Details

    Make sure to get the small spots and details using a smaller paint brush to ensure full coverage.

  8. Step 8 Choose Your Style

    Choose Your Style

    Once you’ve painted your crates, it’s time to choose the style of your configuration. To start, we chose to stack two crates on beside each other to create a functional side table.

  9. Step 9 Secure Crates Together

    Secure Crates Together

    To help make your shelves truly modular, use clips or clamps to secure your crates together. Try out a few configurations to see which one you like the best!

    Tip: If you know you want to keep your configuration long term, use finishing nails or screws to secure them instead.

  10. Step 10 Add Accessories

    Add Accessories

    Add fun accessories such as lamps, books, plants, or storage boxes for a functional storage space that’s modern and trendy.

What You Need for This Project

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