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DIY Rebar Wall Organizer

DIY Rebar Wall Organizer

Using rebar mesh you can create a simple wall organizer perfect for outdoor decor, tool organization, or a vertical garden.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Cut To Size

    Cut To Size

    Use bolt cutters to cut your organizer to whatever size fits your needs. We kept our organizer the original size of 7ft x 3.5ft. 

  2. Step 2 Paint It!

    Paint It!

    Lay down your drop sheet to protect your space. Spray with 1-2 coats of spray paint or follow the directions on the back of the bottle. 

  3. Step 3 Mount Organizer

    Mount Organizer

    Depending on where you decide to hang your organizer, you have a couple of different options. Command Hooks are great for indoor spaces that you don’t want to damage, but you can also use a variety of hooks to mount your organizer.

  4. Step 4 Decorate


    We used s-hooks and rope to hang a variety of our items on the organizer. Some items can even be directly hooked onto the organizer without any help. It’s time for your inner designer to shine!

  5. Step 5 Change It Up!

    Change It Up!

    The best part about our wall organizer is that you can re-decorate it at any time. Tired of using it as a functional space for your gardening tools? Try turning it into a vertical garden or a decorative space on your balcony.    

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