How Much Do Blinds Cost to Install?

The average cost to install custom blinds, including materials, is $265 per window. Labour can range from $145 to $500 total, while the cost of your custom blinds can range from $48 to $1,200. The exact cost will depend on the type of blinds chosen, window size, shape and features.

In Ontario, the average total blinds installation price is $1,995 for seven windows (including patio door, three medium and two small size windows), tax excluded. Includes installation.

Blinds Cost by Type

The type of blinds you choose can impact your overall blinds installation cost. The blinds options listed below are a representative sample:

Type of Blinds

Best Suited For

Average Cost Per Window

Price Range Per Window

Slat blinds (aluminum)
  • Most windows; budget-friendly options
$120 $48 - $400
Slat blinds (faux wood) 
  • Fits most windows; more durable material
$144 $64 - $600
Roller Shades
  • Added convenience & safety; ideal for high windows or children’s bedrooms
$192 $58 - $700
Vertical blinds
  • Sliding doors or tall windows
$260 $110 - $560
Cellular Shades
  • Affordable; designed to provide insulation & save energy
$240 $70 - $680
PVC Shutters
  • Whole home
$471 $150 - $1,200

All costs based on Ontario pricing and exclude applicable taxes. Costs shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to all situations. Average prices represent average blinds costs per window and do not include installation. During the free in-home consultation, the Home Depot Installer will recommend the most appropriate custom blinds, shades and shutter options, based on the customer’s stated needs and style preferences, as well as other unique factors.

Choosing Between Blinds, Shades and Shutters

Different types of window treatments are designed to serve your needs in different ways.

Shades image


For better light control, blinds may be your preferred choice, since blinds can be adjusted to open and close as well as to be raised and lowered. Blinds are typically made of hard materials, such as vinyl and aluminum, as well as real and faux wood.

Shades image


Since they can only be raised or lowered, shades offer less light control than blinds or shutters. However, since they’re available in a wide range of styles, colours, patterns and materials, shades are among the most popular and budget-friendly choices for your custom window coverings.

Shades image


The most “built-in” of your window covering options, shutters may be the way to go if you want a more solid, permanent window covering solution. Custom shutters are fitted and fixed to your window frames, but still allow plenty of flexibility for light control.

Choosing Your Material: Advantages and Disadvantages




Aluminum or vinyl

Affordable – the cheapest materials for your blinds

Not the most durable options; can be easily damaged


Aesthetically pleasing and offers the most options for style, colour, pattern, form & function

Delicate materials are harder to keep clean & maintain; colours can fade over time
Bamboo Ecologically sustainable option, but also aesthetically pleasing Materials can warp; colours can fade over time
Wood Durable and aesthetically pleasing The most expensive option; may require more effort to maintain
Faux Wood Similar benefits to real wood but more affordable Cheaper options are available if preferred

10 Factors That Affect Your Custom Window Blinds Installation Cost:

Type of Material

Blinds, Shades and Shutters are available in a full range of materials, from vinyl and aluminum budget blinds to fabric, bamboo and solid wood or faux wood blinds and shutters. Consider which materials are right for your windows, your décor and your budget.

Stock or Custom

Stock window treatments can be purchased off the shelf at your nearest Home Depot, often for a lower price; however, custom blinds are measured to fit your window frame and offer you many more style and material options.


Popular brands such as Levellor, Maxxmar, Bali and Shade-O-Matic are all available for installation, though the window blinds installation cost for each brand may vary.


Traditional blinds operating by the pull of a cord or the turn of a rod are gradually becoming a thing of the past as motorized cordless window treatments have become increasingly popular and affordable.

"Smart” Upgrades

Some of the latest designs of custom blinds, shades and shutters can be operated remotely, timed to adjust automatically, or even controlled through your phone or smart home interface.

Number of Windows

A small blinds installation order for a pair of windows will of course cost less than an order to fit all-new blinds, shades and shutters for an entire home.

Size of Windows

Large, floor-to-ceiling windows will require equally large window coverings to match, which of course has an upward effect on your window blinds installation cost.


The cost of labour will also depend on the amount of time required for your blinds installation. Jobs involving more and/or larger windows or a more complicated setup will require more labour.

Your Location

Custom blinds, shades and shutter installation costs may vary from one region to the next based on local material and distribution costs, as well as travel distance for the Installer.


A manufacturer’s warranty can range from 3 years to 25 years. Ask your installer about which standard and extended warranty options are available to you with your blinds installation order.

What Are My Options for Motorized Blinds?

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Cordless, motorized blinds are an increasingly popular option, especially when ordering custom blinds installation, since they allow you to finally do away with long pull cords and offer vastly improved functionality and convenience.

Your motorized options include:

  • Remote control blinds, or motorized shades, that allow you to open and close your blinds and shutters remotely, at the push of a button. On average, the cost of upgrading to motorized blinds from ones with a manual cord is a range of $102 to $399 per unit
  • Automatic blinds are motorized blinds that are programmable, capable of being timed to adjust at set intervals during the day – a convenient feature that can be accessed by downloading a free app to your smartphone
  • Smart blinds offer the most advanced functionality of all automatic blinds options, allowing you to control your window coverings directly from your smartphone or smart home hub (purchased separately)

Can Blinds Help Me Improve Energy Efficiency?

Window blinds can help you boost energy efficiency in your home, potentially saving money on your utility bills. They accomplish this in two ways:

1 Structure and material

Some types of blinds, shades and shutters are designed to help you save energy. Products made of thicker materials, such as wood or faux wood, can serve as better insulators, while some are engineered to provide a layer of insulation over your windows and window frames.

Cellular shades are one of the most common examples of energy-saving window coverings and are a popular, affordable choice for many homeowners.

2 Enhanced light control

Other products help save energy through enhanced light and shade control options. Going this route is the most effective way to save energy in your home; however, it carries a higher blinds installation cost.

Programmable, automated or “smart” blinds can also help you save on your energy bills, since they can be scheduled and fine-tuned to let as much or as little light into your home as you want, at any time of day – and, in some cases, whether you’re home or not. For instance, blinds that are programmed to open to let more light into your home in the middle of the day can allow your home to absorb more heat from the sun, which ultimately means your home heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain desired temperatures.

Please note that the quality and/or condition of your windows will impact the ability of your window coverings to provide effective insulation and save energy. For instance, professionally installed custom cellular shades may not do much to reduce your heating bills if they’re installed over old, drafty windows.

Can I Save Money by Installing My Own Blinds?

Person installing blinds

When you order custom blinds, installation is included in the overall cost of your order. If you purchase stock window treatments from a store, you can save on your window blinds installation cost by installing them yourself.

Some tools and materials you will need to complete your own blinds installation include:

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Power drill and drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Brackets

Consider your options carefully. Purchasing in-stock blinds and installing them yourself can be a good way to get quality window treatments while saving money. Custom window blinds installation can sometimes cost more than purchasing off the shelf, but there are also more options for style, shape and material.

Remember, too, that professional custom blinds installation includes both the expertise of an experienced installer and a warranty for the work.

In some cases, such as when you have unusually shaped or sized windows, custom blinds installation may be your only suitable option to get the window coverings you need.

Why Do I Need Custom Blinds Installation?

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Choosing custom blinds installation allows you to get exactly the blinds, shades or shutters you want for your windows. Choose from any colours, materials, patterns and styles, from top brands. Custom window blinds are measured to fit your windows exclusively, a major advantage since not all windows are sized equally. With custom blinds installation, our experienced design consultants will help find the right products to suit your home and budget.

Cordless, motorized and automated blinds are available, as are traditional manual blinds, all professionally installed by trusted professionals from The Home Depot Home Services.

The following services are included in your custom blinds installation cost:

  • Design consultation
  • First & second measure (before & after order)
  • Blinds installation
  • Standard warranty (1-year labour)

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