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Special Order Blinds

Here’s How Special Order Works

Special Order blinds from The Home Depot are customized exactly how you want, to suit your style and fit your windows perfectly.

Step 1

Get Inspired & Do Your Research

Get Inspired & Do Your Research

• What size is your window?

• What do you want your blinds to do? Block out sun? Add privacy? Provide shade? Add lift mechanism?

Step 2

Browse Our Assortment & Pick Your Dream Blinds

• Check out our Special Order blinds on display in-store.

• Browse our Special Order product binders on your own or with a Home Depot associate.

Step 3

Order Your Blinds

Order Your Blinds

• Work with a Home Depot associate to customize your blinds. Choose the design, colour, size, opacity and any extra features like motorization.

• Get a quote from an associate.

Step 4

Receive & Install Your Blinds

Receive & Install Your Blinds

• Get your blinds shipped to a Home Depot store or straight to your home (depending on which brand you choose).

• Follow the instructions and install your blinds.

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Inspiration Gallery

New blinds can refresh any space in your home. View our galleries for inspiration and visit your local store to speak to an associate to see our selection of special order blinds today! 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a classic traditional window treatment that come in a wide array of fabric and styles, from translucent fabrics to opaque polyesters. Roller shades come with a variety of hem and trim options and can simply be pulled by hand to adjust light and privacy levels.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (also called honeycomb) are made of two or more layers of folded fabric that deliver strong protection against UV light, and superb insulation against heat and cold. 

Faux Wood Shades

Faux wood blinds offer the same modern touch as wood blinds, but are resistant to moisture and warping, making them ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Sheer Shading

The look of a shade with the light control of a blind. Light-filtering or light-dimming fabrics diffuse and soften light in rooms. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Zebra Shades

Zebra Blinds are roller shades that give you the option to transition between sheer and opaque for more privacy. 

Vertical Shades

Vertical blinds are ideal for large windows and doors (such as patio doors), but can be used anywhere as an alternative to curtains or drapes. Vertical blinds have wide slats (up to 4" wide) that can be angled or closed to control light and privacy.

Customize Blinds Your Way

Every home is different, every style preference is different. Get custom blinds for your windows so you can have the size, colour, style and opacity you want for your home. There are thousands of options for custom-made blinds so you can get exactly what you need and want. The Home Depot Canada has Special Order blinds on display in-store and even more options in product binders. Speak to an associate to learn more.

Choose the Right Blind Type

One of the first questions you need to answer is what type of blind do you want. Do you want custom roller blinds? Custom Roman shades? Custom vertical blinds? Or custom wood blinds? Are you looking to block out the sun or just shade out the sun? We carry a wide variety of custom window coverings of all types.

Install & Enjoy

Once you receive your new custom blinds, install them yourself or get a trusted installer to come and install them through our Home Services program. Soon you’ll be enjoying your new custom blinds that you designed perfectly for your home.