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HVAC Maintenance Service

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Overview of the Service

Regular scheduled seasonal tune-ups of your heating and cooling systems will net you short and long-term benefits.

Why should you choose to have it installed by The Home Depot?

Our licenced and authorized Installation Services teams are handpicked for their expertise and know-how in heating and cooling systems. They will find ways to make your furnace, central air conditioner, ductless mini-splits, heat pumps, air handlers and boilers work at their peak, and they will help you understand the key ways that you, as a home owner, can contribute to their efficiencies.

Why should you install this product?

By scheduling regular, seasonal maintenance of your heating or cooling systems you’ll enjoy improved equipment performance, reduced utility bills and longer system life. You’ll also keep most of your equipment’s manufacturer warranties valid and identify small problems before they become large expensive ones that require costly repairs or replacement.

Service Options

The Home Depot offers a range of Installation Services to increase the energy-efficiency and comfort level of your home. We can help with the Repair and Replacement of your Heating/Cooling Systems, and with Exterior Door and Window Installation Services. Other energy saving home-improvement options include Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Water Heating or Solar Pool Heating Systems.

3 Steps to Heating and Cooling Installation

Step 1:

In-Home Consultation

At a pre-scheduled time of your convenience, The Home Depot consultant will come to your home and review your systems’ operating efficiency with you for a designated fee. To optimize the results of your maintenance appointment, they will consider many factors such as the age of your system, how well it’s currently working, its repair history, whether you have family members with allergies, whether there are any lingering odours in the home etc.


Step 2:

Professional Maintenance Service

Your installation services professional will complete thorough assessments of your systems. For furnace maintenance, for example, they will work through a comprehensive checklist that includes reviewing carbon monoxide emissions; checking gas valves, lines and connections for leaks etc. Our consultant can also advise you on the type of air filter, whether fiberglass, spun glass, polyester, pleated, electrostatic or washable, best suited to your system and for the level of filtration your family desires. They can also explain the importance of choosing an air filter with a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value).

Step 3:

Follow-Up Inspection

Once the work is executed, your installer will meet with you to discuss any questions that you may have relating to how best to maintain the peak operating performance of your systems. They will review the work completed and ensure your satisfaction with the completed service.


Our Guarantee

Always Quality Work

Every installer who works for you is experienced, highly skilled, licensed, and back checked. You can be confident that you're getting quality workmanship.

Reliable and Worry-Free

Our installers are committed professionals, backed by a name you can trust. The Home Depot ensures our installers have passed numerous background checks through our partnership with

These checks include:

  • Trade license checks (where required by local legislation);
  • Criminal background checks;
  • and up-to-date Workers' Compensation Coverage.

Your Results are Guaranteed

Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. We stand behind your project with a guarantee†† as solid as The Home Depot.

As required. ††See contract for details.

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