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Pair a plush sofa with a pair of cozy accent chairs to turn your living room into a relaxing retreat, or shop our collection of TV standsaccent tables and lamps to put together a perfectly coordinated arrangement that makes your home a magazine-worthy showplace. Frame your windows with just-right curtains or drapes, add a ceiling fan to keep things comfortable, and toss a few throw pillows on the sofa for added style. Find an area rug that pulls it all together and you’ll be ready to share your space with friends and family in no time.

Tips for Designing the Perfect Living Room

The key element to a gorgeous living room is a focal point that draws people into the space. Fireplaces make great focal points, but if you don’t have one, a large window with the right dressings makes a fantastic substitute. (Pro tip: Keep your television from competing with the fireplace as a focal point by keeping them close together.)

Bring your walls to life by choosing one or two major pieces of décor and accenting them with smaller, related pieces. Groups of three to five are perfect unless you’re creating a gallery wall, where dozens of decorative elements can create amazing visual appeal. A good rule of thumb: Display your favourite pieces at eye-level.

Your floor covering should be comfortable and coordinate with other design elements in the room. You can really get creative with area rugs in bold, bright patterns or timelessly classic designs.

Make your living room an entertaining hotspot by arranging seating in conversational groups. Keep sofas and chairs away from the walls, and use ottomans to expand groupings while maintaining a cozy, intimate setting.

The right lighting is essential, too. While natural light can add unbeatable ambiance during the day, you should aim for creating three layers of light you can use any time. Built-in ceiling lightsfloor lamps and table lamps allow you to adjust brightness and set the mood. Avoid pointing lights toward the ceiling. Instead, let lights illuminate your seating area to encourage people to get comfortable.