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Create a Cozy Retreat with a Fireplace

There is nothing more iconic throughout the fall and winter than gathering around the hearth to enjoy time with friends and family. If you live in a home that doesn't have a fireplace built in, you don't have to go through an expensive remodel to add one. Simply select an electric fireplace for a fast and easy installation process.

Selecting a Fireplace Style

Once you've decided to add a fireplace, it is time to narrow down your search by selecting a style. The Home Depot offers many different options from which to choose.

•  Fireplace with Surrounds: This option features a gas or electric fireplace built with a complete surrounding mantel. The overall design can range from traditional to modern and gives the finished room a look as though a fireplace was part of the original home design. It also provides a mantel on the top for displaying a few of your favorite accents.

•  Fireplace TV Stands: Enjoy beauty, warmth, and entertainment all in one unit with a fireplace television stand. These fireplaces provide ample space on top for even large televisions and provide a place to store your cable box and other components.

•  Fireplace Inserts: For a truly minimal look, select a fireplace insert. These compact designs are easy to integrate into a bookshelf or wall cutout and make a popular option for use in bedrooms and bathrooms. Some fireplace inserts even offer a dual-sided design that allows for them to be viewed from two rooms.

•  Wood Stoves: When you're looking for a rustic, authentic look, there's nothing quite like a wood stove. These units are freestanding but require proper ventilation.

Accessorizing Your Fireplace

The items you place around your fireplace should be both decorative and functional. Fireplace screens keep sparks in and are an absolute essential for any wood-burning design. Wood burning fireplaces also require a set of tools and perhaps a bucket for storing extra wood.

Mounted above a bathtub, installed in a bedroom, or displayed in a living room, fireplaces make any room warmer, cozier, and more inviting. With so many different styles to choose from, it is easy to find one that coordinates with the design of your space while staying on budget.