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Enhancing Organization with Bathroom Shelves

When it comes to designing a bathroom that’s both stylish and functional, it all comes down to storage. Whether you’re updating a small powder room or redesigning a master bathroom retreat, it’s imperative to make storage a thoughtful part of your bathroom design. One of the best ways to keep all the toiletries you use on a daily basis within easy reach is to feature various types of bathroom shelves in the room.

Utilizing Shower Niches or A Shower Shelf

Ensure all your favorite toiletries are organized and easy to reach as you shower by incorporating bathroom shelves into the initial shower design. There are two main ways to incorporate shelving into the design; by adding a shower niche or a series of corner shelves.

A shower niche is an inset area that produces a single ledge where you can arrange shampoo bottles and everyday shower essentials. The back part of the niche also provides a perfect place to showcase an eye-catching accent tile or tile pattern.

When you’re really looking to maximize storage, a single niche probably won’t cut it. That’s when you’ll want to use a bathroom corner shelf, or a series of corner shelves stacked from top to bottom. Because they are in the corner, these bathroom shelves are typically tucked out of the way. This is a great option when multiple people are sharing the shower because they can each have a shelf for their items.

Add Plush Style with A Towel Shelf

When you want to give your bathroom that spa-inspired look, consider adding wood or glass bathroom shelves on the wall and keeping your towels neatly stacked on top. Not only will it be easy for guests to locate your towels, but they’ll even become a cozy focal point of the room. You can feature a single shelf or stack them up to create a built-in look on a blank wall.

To complete the look, consider adding a towel bar or a couple of towel hooks below the bottom shelf. The key to maximizing efficiency is to make sure that every person using the bathroom on a regular basis has a place to hang their towel and wash cloth for the next time.

Showcase Shelves in Water Closets

If your master retreat has a water closet, chances are it’s a small space. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a toilet paper holder, consider floating a series of washroom shelves above the toilet or along the opposite wall. Style the shelves with books or magazines, air fresheners, and plenty of extra toilet paper. If you don’t want the toilet paper to be the focal point, arrange it inside a decorative basket on the shelf.

Hanging bathroom shelves is a fast and inexpensive way to completely transform the way the space both looks and functions. Check out all the different styles of bathroom and shower shelves available to discover the ones that will make the best choice for your space.