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Grouting is the process of filling the spaces between the tiles. The filler – grout – comes in powder form in premixed colours. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix it. For a strong and colourfast grout, get the right consistency using the least amount of water possible. Mix thoroughly to minimize colour variation. Only make as much as you can use before it begins to set. Keep any leftover dry grout for future repairs.

6 Steps

  1. Pour Grout on Tiles
  2. Remove Excess Grout
  3. Wipe Away Excess Grout
  4. Clean Tiles
  5. Apply Sealer
  1. Fill Expansion Gaps
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Pour Grout on Tiles

Step 1

Pour Grout on Tiles

Pour one to three and a half litres of grout on the tiles. Holding a hard-edged rubber grout float at a 30-degree angle, spread the material in sweeping arcs, pressing it into the joints to fill them completely.

Remove Excess Grout

Step 2

Remove Excess Grout

Hold the grout float at a 90-degree angle and sweep it diagonally across the tiles to remove any excess grout.

Wipe Away Excess Grout

Step 3

Wipe Away Excess Grout

Wait a few minutes while the grout begins to harden. Wipe the tiles in a circular motion with a damp sponge, taking care not to drag out any of the grout from the corners of the tiles.

Clean Tiles

Step 4

Clean Tiles

Once the grout has hardened, the tiles will be left with a slight haze on them. Clean it up by going over the area lightly with a damp cloth, then buff immediately with a dry cloth.

Apply Sealer

Step 5

Apply Sealer

Let the grout dry for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer before applying sealer. Spread the sealer with a small paintbrush or a sealer applicator. Clean off any smears within the first 5 minutes or so. Then let the grout dry for at least 24 hours.

Fill Expansion Gaps

Step 6

Fill Expansion Gaps

Caulk acts as both a sealer and as an expansion joint: it will flex if the floor expands or contracts as the weather changes. In wet areas, in front of a bathtub or shower, or wherever the expansion gap will not be covered with shoe moulding, fill the gap with caulk and smooth it with a wet finger.

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Project Details

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 3 hours

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