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Digital Workshops

On-Demand Workshops

Door Locks Safety Workshop

We’ll show you how to change your door locks, common types of locks, and how they work to secure your home to decide on the best lock for you.

Fire Safety 101

Do you know enough about fire safety? Learn when smoke alarms expire, where to place them in your home and tips on creating a fire safety plan.

Tool Basics Workshop: Homeowner 101

What are the best tools for new homeowners? Invest in hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches & pliers to save time and money. Every homeowner should have these essential tools for basic repairs.

Tool Basics

How to Use a Nail Gun

Discover how to use a nail gun properly and make easy work of beginner and advanced building projects alike.

How to Read a Tape Measure

Learn how to read a tape measure in inches, meters, millimeters, and feet to ensure accuracy every time.

How to Use a Power Drill

We’ll show you how to use your drill, teach you about power drill parts and show you the difference between different drill bits.

How to Use a Circular Saw

We’ll show you how to use a circular saw properly and safely to get quick, straight cuts on your favourite building projects at home.

How to Use a Sander

Learn how to use an orbital sander the right way and you’ll gain the confidence to take on new projects around the home and expand your skillset.

How To Use an Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a versatile, must-have item for every home and toolbox. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to use an adjustable wrench now.

Bath Project Basics

How to Install a Toilet

Learn how to install a toilet in a new location or replace an existing toilet with our helpful toilet installation guide.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity can add style and provide more storage and counter space in your bath. Learn how to install a bathroom vanity with our step-by-step guide.

How To Replace A Faucet

Replacing a faucet is one of the simplest ways to improve the look and convenience of your kitchen or bathroom. Follow our tips for this easy DIY project.

How To Repair A Faucet

If you don’t take the time to fix your leaking faucet, you’ll wast a significant amount of water over time. Here’s how to repair a leaking faucet.

How to Tile a Shower

Need help with shower tile installation? Learn about waterproofing, installing cement boards in your shower, tiling and grouting a shower wall like a pro.

How To Replace A Broken Ceramic Tile

Damaging a ceramic tile doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire floor. Follow this basic steps and you’ll have your tile fixed in no time.

Home Repair Basics

Drywall Repair: Learn How To Patch Drywall

Get step-by-step instructions on how to patch a hole in drywall and finish the job like a pro. Fixing drywall is easier than you think.

How To Replace A Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks get a lot of use and can start to look worn over time. Replacing your sink is an easy project that can freshen up the look of your kitchen.

How To Tile A Backsplash

A new tile backsplash can transform your kitchen décor in just a few short hours. Follow these simple directions to learn how to tile a kitchen backsplash yourself.

How To Replace A Window Screen

If your window or door screen is ripped beyond repair, follow our simple and easy steps and learn how to do window screen replacement on your own.

How to Install Vinyl Flooring

Learn how to install vinyl plank flooring with our easy step-by-step guide and video, so you'll have a beautiful floor that requires no underlayment.

How to Seal a Driveway | The Home Depot Canada

Repairing and sealing your driveway is a great way to extend the life of your asphalt. Learn how to prepare your driveway and apply asphalt sealer.

Home Décor & Organization

DIY: Crate Charging Station

Your device cords can get messy. Keep them organized with this DIY wood charging station. Learn how to make this DIY charging station in 10 easy steps.

DIY: Industrial Media Console

Add a stylish touch to any home with this DIY Industrial TV Stand. Made of natural wood and pipe, this is the perfect storage solution for your living room.

DIY: Home Workout Station

Looking for Home Gym Storage Solutions? Stay fit and organized with this Exercise Equipment Storage rack, featuring weight rack, cubbies, hooks and straps.

Barn Door Installation: How to Install a Barn Door

Learn how to install barn door hardware to support interior sliding doors where you don't have space for a normal door or want a stylish alternative.

DIY: Live Edge Coffee Table

Build your own live edge coffee table with this easy DIY. Get the high-end look of live edge furniture using a pine slab, steel legs and some know-how.

DIY: Geometric Paver Planters

Let your creativity take shape with this simple DIY planter. Using paving stones and paint, you can create a container garden with an artistic twist.

Outdoor Living DIYs

Deck Design & Deck Planning (How to Build a Deck Part 1/5)

Learn to build a deck in 5 steps. We’ll showcase some deck design tools, show you how to build your deck frame and stairs and shield them from the elements.

How To Build A Gate (With Bonus Lattice Feature)

Learn how to build a wooden gate like a pro. Follow this step by step tutorial on how to build a fence gate and add even more privacy with a lattice panel.

How To Lay Patio Stones

Learn how to lay patio stones with our easy to follow tutorial. We'll walk you through your patio stone installation step by step to ensure your stone walkway is done like a pro.

How To Stain A Deck

Applying deck stain is an easy way to restore a deck or to get the finish you want to a brand new deck. Learn how to stain a deck and add new life to your outdoor space.

Fence Repair: Fix Leaning Fences, Broken Posts & More

Fences are built to last, but they may eventually need some maintenance and repair. With some basic tools, you can make your fence look better and last longer.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers on the Grill

Bring Hawaiian flavour to your chicken skewers with a homemade pineapple marinade recipe and grilled pineapple chunks. A quick recipe for your BBQ!

How to BBQ Salmon: Maple Glazed Salmon Recipe

Learn how to make soy maple glazed salmon on a grill by adding wood chips to a smoker tube attachment. Check the full salmon marinade and BBQ salmon recipe!

DIY Outdoor Game Series

Learn how to make Ring Toss and Dominos, so you never have to search for something fun to do this summer. Try these easy DIY projects this weekend.

Smart Home Installation Projects

How to Install a Wireless Smart Doorbell (Easy and Simple!)

Enhance your security with smart devices. Learn how to install a smart doorbell with our step-by-step guide in a few easy steps.

DIY Home Security Systems with Smart Technology

Protect your home with smart technology. Use our tips and learn more about the different smart home security options available at The Home Depot today.

How to Set Up a Smart Garage Door Opener

Modernize your garage with a Wi-Fi system today. Watch our video and get your smart garage door opener working through your smartphone in just a few steps.