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Woodworking Project Ideas

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert woodworker, there are lots of fun and challenging projects for you to take on. In this guide, we’ll help woodworking beginners get up to speed on the types of lumber you can work with, tool usage basics and more, while also providing some more advanced project ideas for our expert craftspeople.

Woodworking Basics

A person uses a brad nailer to attach lumber.

Before you can get started on your projects, you’ll need to learn some woodworking basics. These guides will show you some common joining methods, types of wood, and give you info on nails, screws and other woodworking essentials.

Always remember to use protective gear like safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection when needed.

Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids or Beginners

If your kids want to try woodworking, these projects are a great jumping-off point to learn the tools and build some awesome projects like bird houses, wooden flags and other fun items. Remember, children should always be supervised around power tools, making these great family projects which also include painting, assembling and more.

These are also great projects for beginner woodworkers who want to try their hand at creating something fun!

Intermediate-Level Woodworking Projects

Once you’ve gotten the hang of your tools, materials and basic woodworking principles, you can move on to some of these more intermediate projects like headboards, floating shelves, wall panelling and more.

Woodworking Project Ideas for Experts

You’ve mastered the tools, methods and materials in the beginner and intermediate projects and are now ready to move on to some expert-level projects. In these guides, we’ll build bed frames, live-edge shelving and even children’s playhouses!

Finishing Your Project

With your woodworking projects complete, we’ll go over with you how to finish them the right way, including sealing them so they’re more weather-resistant, staining them to their final colours, and even distressing them with chalk paint.

Top Woodworking Tools & Supplies