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Backyard ideas, gardening tips and advice on lawn care.

Lawn Care Tips

Have the best looking, healthiest lawn on the block with our lawn care how-to’s and maintenance tips.

Gardening Ideas

Our handy gardening tips and tricks will help you build a great in-ground or vertical garden and keep it looking great.

Flower Gardening

We’ll help you grow and maintain a beautiful flower garden to add colour, beauty and freshness to your yard.

Vegetable Gardening

Our gardening tips will help you grow your own vegetable or herb garden and enjoy fresh, organic produce all season long.

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Lawn & Gardening Tips -

Lawn & Gardening Tips

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    Vegetable Garden Ideas | Things you need to know about vegetable gardens
  2. 02
    Scotts Simple Steps: Repairing Lawn Patches
  3. 03
    When to plant perennial flowers & annual flowers?
  4. 04
    Scotts Simple Steps: Applying Lawn Soil
  5. 05
    Best Perennials for Full Sun and Shade
  6. 06
    When should you move your outdoor plants indoors
  7. 07
    Why and When to Prune Plants
  8. 08
    Scotts Simple Steps: Using a Lawn Spreader
  9. 09
    How To Trim Trees and Shrubs
  10. 10
    How to Grow Herbs
  11. 11
  12. 12
    Scotts Simple Steps: Seeding Your Lawn
  13. 13
    Quick Tips: How To Protect Plants With Mulch
  14. 14
    Quick Tips: Transferring Plants from Pots to Ground
  15. 15
    Scotts Simple Steps: Mulching Your Garden
  16. 16
    Scotts Simple Steps: Potting Mix for Containers
  17. 17
    Scotts Simple Steps: Feeding Your Plants
  18. 18
    DIY: Floating Jar Wall Planter
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Our gardening and lawn care tips, tricks and ideas will help you create the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s planting the perfect flower garden, keeping your lawn looking green and healthy, growing your own vegetables or building the perfect in-ground or vertical garden, we’ve got you covered with in-depth information on how to garden like a pro. Learn how to choose the right mower, trim trees and shrubs and even compost food scraps. Browse our ideas and how-to guides to learn more and start your yard off right this season.