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Space Heaters

A space heater can be a great addition to any room in your home or office, providing you with focused heating to a specific area or general heating to a larger space. Whether you’re looking for a propane heater, electric heater, kerosene heater or any other type of portable heater, you’ll find everything you need at The Home Depot Canada.

Types of Space Heaters

Propane heaters don’t need electricity to run, making them the most portable of your options. They also produce the hottest heat, so they’re more efficient at heating your space. They can even come with a fan to help disperse the heat even faster.

Ceramic heaters run on electricity and create heat using ceramic plates that heat up. They’re compact and lightweight but usually take longer to heat up larger spaces. They can also come with or without a fan.

Kerosene Heaters are useful for indoor or outdoor scenarios and can heat small or large areas with proper ventilation. They can even come with options like thermostats, run-time fuel gauges, cord wraps and flameout sensors.

We’ve got the Space Heaters You Need

If you’re looking for a small heater for your office or a larger indoor heater for your basement or den, consider a space heater to keep you warm all season long. Whether it runs on electricity or cordlessly, you’ll find a room heater that can heat your desired area with ease.