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Find the Perfect Patio Set for You

Get a jump start this spring and start building your backyard oasis today.

Stay Cosy Inside & Out 

Add a little extra warmth to your favourite hangout spots with outdoor heaters, fireplaces and more.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Fall

Get the right fall storage and accessories to prepare for colder weather.

Get the Job Done With Outdoor Power Equipment

Complete your fall cleanup to-do list faster with chainsaws, leaf blowers and more.

Start Cleaning Early This Year 

Find everything you need to get started on your fall cleaning checklist.

Create a Fall Patio

Enjoy your outdoor patio longer with the right patio furniture for your outdoor living space.

Elevating the Look of Your Outdoors

The space around your home can make a big impact on the curb appeal or your property and, when used properly, extend the amount of living space you have. Seasonal garden door, luxurious outdoor furniture, and top-quality decking materials work together to maximize the style and functionality of your yard.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Having an attractive property is all about beautiful landscaping that is properly maintained. Start by standing at the end of your property ad assessing the current condition of your property. Do you need new flowers or plants? Would a walkway make the property more accessible?

With the right landscape supplies and garden tools it is easy to mow the yard, trim bushes, and plant seasonal items that will infuse colour and texture to your outdoor design. Every few years, a fresh coat of paint on the porch, door, and shutters will liven up the look of the home.

Adding Valuable Storage

All your new lawn and garden equipment needs a place to be stored. If you are short on garage space, pacing a shed in your back yard will offer plenty of room for your outdoor power equipment. Sheds and outdoor structures aren’t just for yard tools. When given a little flair they can also be used as a fun outdoor playhouse or recreational retreat.

Creating an Outdoor Living Area

Invite everyone in your home to connect with nature again by taking your outdoor space and transforming it into an outdoor living area. Outdoor living rooms, kitchens, and dining spaces are just a few of the most common additions to a backyard. When you start your outdoor remodelling project, think about the daily life of the people in your home and think about what type of space would be most beneficial.

Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, a grill is an absolute essential. Look for a freestanding grill that can roll around your property or opt for a built-in model to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. If you are adding a built-in outdoor kitchen area, an outdoor refrigerator, cooktop, and countertop will help provide all the luxuries of your indoor kitchen in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Make your outdoor retreat every bit as comfortable and cosy as your indoor living area by adding plush and comfortable outdoor furniture. These collections of chairs, sofas, ottomans, and accent tables are every bit as luxurious as indoor furniture yet durable enough to hold up to exposure to the elements.

Outdoor Dining Rooms

Welcome everyone to enjoy a meal together by gathering around an outdoor dining set. For an intimate setting, try a small bistro table with a pair of chairs. When you frequently entertain, a large teak extension table makes a more practical option.

When your outdoor space is properly maintained, it becomes a stylish and inviting part of your space. Encourage kids to put down the electronics and engage in outdoor play by selecting outdoor playsets. For a more adult retreat, fire pits, plush sitting areas, and gazebos are a great way to decorate the area. For a finishing touch, bring a little lighting around the walkways and patio spaces to make your area look as great at night as it is during the day.