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How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Planting and maintaining an organic vegetable garden takes time and care, but the rewards are plenty.

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Find Your Lawn Care Essentials at the Garden Centre 

When you want to create a beautifully manicured yard, your first stop should be The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre. We carry the right materials for every outdoor project, from lawn maintenance to landscaping to gardening. Find all the supplies you need to get started on your next outdoor project, so you can bring your dream backyard to life.  

Plant, Grow & Maintain a Healthy Lawn

The Home Depot Canada can help with your lawn care from the planting process to the maintaining process. We carry everything from seeds, spreaders and fertilizers to hoses and sprinklers to trimmers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers. You’ll find everything you need to keep your lawn looking its finest.  Stock up your garage or shed with lawn care essentials today to ensure a beautiful lawn for spring and summer.  

Create Beautiful Gardens with the Right Garden Supplies

The Home Depot Canada Garden Centre carries a wide variety of garden supplies. You’ll find seeds for many species of plants and flowers, soil, mulch, watering cans, hoses, planters, fertilizers, gardening tools and more. Plant care is easy when you have the right tools. Make sure you’re equipped with gardening gloves, hoes, trowels, pruners and shovels so you can garden with ease. 

Add Landscaping to Your Yard for Added Curb Appeal

Landscaping creates a beautiful yard and adds curb appeal to your home. The Home Depot Canada has a wide assortment of landscaping supplies to get you started on your next outdoor project. Stock up on the right tools for the job, such as edgers, rakes, shovels and trimmers. Next, choose your design. Do you want to create a walkway? Get pave stones. Do you want to edge your gardens? Grab some landscaping rocks. Do you want to build a retaining wall? Try garden wall blocks. Once you get all your landscaping supplies, you’ll be on your way to an aesthetic yard. 

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