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Keep your Kitchen Clean and Healthy

Keeping your kitchen clean is one of the harder jobs in your home. You’re constantly cooking, preparing and hosting, leaving you little time to give your kitchen a good cleaning. The Home Depot Canada has a variety of household cleaning supplies and cleaning tools that will help to keep your kitchen looking brand new. Make short work of even the biggest messes with help from our great brand name cleaning supplies.

Spills Don’t Stand a Chance

Spills happen, but you can clean any spill with ease using our great selection of cleaning supplies including mops, buckets, squeegees, brooms and more. Whether it’s water, juice, cereal or any other type of spill, you’ll have the tools you need to clean it up fast.

Cleaning Solutions

Regardless of your type of floor, we have cleaning solutions that will help you get the job done right. From hardwood floor cleaner to tile and laminate cleaner, there’s no job that you won’t be able to tackle with ease with the help of great products from The Home Depot Canada. 

Tackle the Tougher Jobs

Cleaning supplies like drain cleaner and grout cleaner can help you take care of some of the harder jobs in your kitchen. Drain cleaner can help by unclogging your drains to allow water to flow more easily throughout your home. If your tiled floors are looking aged and worn, a grout cleaner is key to cleaning stubborn stains, mold and mildew off of your tile grout – refreshing the look of your kitchen and bringing back it’s original lustre.

At The Home Depot you’ll find a variety of household cleaners not only for the kitchen but for all rooms in your home. We also stock outdoor cleaners, janitorial supplies for commercial cleaning, air fresheners and much more.